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Actions “ Verhnechonskneftegaza “ will sell without court

Yesterday it became known that the governor of the Irkutsk region Alexander Tishanin and a top - multinational corporation management - VR has come to a common opinion concerning a disputable share holding of Open Society “ Verhnechonskneftegaz “ (VCHNG), Open Society transferred in an authorised capital stock “ East - the Siberian gas company “ (VSGK). The head of region has refused intention to withdraw a package from the capital of the gas company. General director VSGK Alexey Sobol has informed „“ that, in turn, the multinational corporation - VR is ready to direct to the regional budget a part of the sum due to it in case of sale of actions of Top Chony. On Monday in Moscow the governor of the region and a multinational corporation management - VR have definitively co-ordinated the actions on sale of disputable package VCHNG. Under the information „“, during multinational corporation negotiations - VR has agreed to transfer a part of the sum relying to it in the regional budget, and Alexander Tishanin has decided to withdraw the remarks on the project of the local law on modification of the look-ahead plan of privatisation for 2005, having left share holding VCHNG in authorised capital stock VSGK. In this connection yesterday the question on bill acceptance has been excluded from the summons of session of Legislative Assembly (ZS) Angarski Krai. The first deputy of the head of administration of the Irkutsk region Yury Paranichev has informed „“ that the claim directed to arbitration court of the Irkutsk region with the requirement to cancel the transaction on transfer of stock VCHNG in an authorised capital stock of the gas company this very day has been withdrawn.
the speaker of regional parliament Victor Kruglov also meeting Alexander Tishaninym in the beginning of week in Moscow, has noticed that the decision of the governor, except other, is connected with desire to consolidate political forces of region and “ to exclude irritants “ On the eve of association of the Irkutsk region and Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region (UOBAO). Mister Tishanin was inaccessible to comments.
Open Society “ Verhnechonskneftegaz “ owns the licence for investigation of the Verhnechonsky deposit in the Irkutsk region from 201,6 million t taken stocks of oil, 95,5 mlrd in cubic m of gas and 3,3 million t a gas condensate. 62,71 % of shares of company belongs to the multinational corporation - VR, 25,94 % - to holding “ Interros “ 11,29 % - to committee on management of state property of administration of the Irkutsk region. Open Society “ VSGK “ is the operator of the project of gasification of the Irkutsk region. The company is created on an equal footing the multinational corporation - VR and administration of the Irkutsk region.
on April, 12th, 2005 under the order of governor Boris Govorin regional share holding VCHNG has been transferred in authorised capital stock VSGK as payment of half of additional issue of actions in volume of 340 million rbl. Papers have been estimated in 170 million rbl. Later deputies corresponding amendments to the law of the Irkutsk region have approved, in September the document has been accepted at session ZS, however in October new governor Alexander Tishanin has refused to sign the law, having declared that the package price has been underestimated in 13 times. Mister Tishanin declared the intention to return to action VCHNG in the regional property for the subsequent sale of Open Society “ NK “Rosneft“ “ for 2,1 mlrd rbl. the Regional administration has addressed in arbitration with the requirement to recognise the transaction about transfer of a package void. At session on October, 26th deputies did not begin to overcome the veto, having created the conciliatory commission. At session of committee on the property and economic policy ZS on Monday the chief of legal department of regional administration Artem Kudashov has confirmed administration intentions to withdraw package VCHNG from capital VSGK. In the answer the committee on the property recommended sessions to approve the bill in initial edition.
Yesterday the general director “ East - the Siberian gas company “ Alexey Sobol has assumed that now share holding VCHNG will be realised under the scheme, offered a top - management of the gas company. We will remind, on November, 16th general director VSGK has offered Legislative Assembly and administration of Angarski Krai to sell a paper on the price which is based on an estimation, spent by Joint-Stock Company “ the Financial adviser “ (that is for 2,1 mlrd rbl.) And the obtained means to direct to two co-owners VSGK - the multinational corporation - VR and regional administrations. Alexey Sobol has specified that the multinational corporation - VR will direct to the regional budget the share obtained from sale of a package of means. Thus, the regional administration will receive all sum minus taxes and 170 million rbl. - that is half payments dopemissii actions VSGK. The First deputy of the head of administration Yury Paranichev has informed „“ that such scenario is considered only as one of variants.
as the mister the Sable, last decision of the governor " has noted; confirms interest of the regional authorities in realisation of the project of the gasification developed VSGK, and in preservation of the share in the gas company “. The general director also hopes that Open Society “ Gazprom “ will reconsider the position on the Kovyktinsky deposit (earlier the concern has suggested to suspend its working out till 2011). The manager assumes that active consultations between “ Gazprom “ the multinational corporations - VR, regional administration and VSGK which will pass in the beginning of next year, will help the parties to reach the consent. The presentation of the project of the gas company for administration of the Irkutsk region will take place on December, 28th.
Alexander TERENTYEV,
Sergey BERG, Irkutsk