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To Khabarovsk capitals from Vladivostok " were pulled;

Yesterday in Khabarovsk board session has taken place at the mayor, devoted to results of realisation of the concept of an investment policy. Participants have informed that in 2005 the district capital has involved twice more capitals, than in 2002 - m when the program has been confirmed. At the same time, the mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov recognised, to potential foreign investors city authorities frequently put too rigid requirements. At yesterday`s meeting of board at the mayor of Khabarovsk works of the concept of a municipal investment policy are summed up. The document has been confirmed in December, 2002. For the last three years, according to the report of the first vitse - mayor Valery Kazachenko, inflow to the regional centre of the capital has increased twice. So, now high possibilities of reception of bank credits have at present 37 % of the enterprises of a city against 22 % in 2002. Tax revenues in budgets of all levels have grown with 11,7 to 15,7 mlrd rbl., and unemployment at the most capable part of the population has decreased to 1,2 %. From the basic problems the first vitse - the mayor has allocated zero share activity and decrease in investments into manufacture.
according to the head of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolova, the basic calculation on the future should be under construction on external investments. He recognised that the mayoralty in some cases has put to potential investors from - for a boundary too rigid requirements. So, negotiations with the Chinese companies about creation of the joint building enterprise the East were at a deadlock, as the mayoralty demanded in it control 51 %, and Chineses agreed to give only 49 %. The mayor has disposed to renew again negotiations already on parity conditions. Besides it, he has demanded from the curator of the industry Anatoly Knysha to find sources of capital investments in local small-scale business - to help businessmen to unite capitals under any large industrial project.
at discussion of investments in building the head architecturally - building department of city administration Victor Novitsky has declared to participants that it against any mortgages . In its opinion, it would be better to develop sberegatelno - building associations (SST) thanks to which in a city it is handed over already more than 200 thousand square metres of habitation. However mister Kazachenko has answered acting that the order of the president of the country about mortgage development concerns everything, including Khabarovsk.
having passed to discussion of federal investments, members of board have expressed hope of financing of working out of the Tungus water deposit the decision on which yesterday in Moscow should take out the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Only at an emergency situation (in connection with pollution of the Cupid by chemicals from the Peoples Republic of China. - ) we have seen understanding in the opinion of those who refused to us. If the situation is successfully overcome, about Tunguske again can forget. Our problem - not to admit it and to continue to move (the Moscow and regional authorities. - ) - the mister Sokolov has expressed. By estimates of director MUP Gorvodokanal Vladimir Steblevsky, on deposit working out the head Invited to session regional minekonomrazvitija Alexander Levintal is required an order 3,4 mlrd rbl. has informed that before deputies in the State Duma from Khabarovsk territory a task in view to achieve financing at a rate of not less 500 million rbl. for 2006, and on the subsequent - 1,5 mlrd rbl.
Summarizing meeting, Alexander Sokolov has declared that successes in attraction of investments are: not ideally, but we it is already better than the next regions. To Khabarovsk capitals from Vladivostok were pulled - business feels, where to it it is good .