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  Elections United Russia party members dovydvinulis in parliament Priamurjaamursky regional branch (ARO) parties “ an United Russia “ has put forward the first candidate of a regional council on 3 - mu to election district (Ivanovo, Tambov, Konstantinovsky, Blagoveshchensk areas and 12 sites of Blagoveshchensk). Because on March, 27th on parliamentary elections on this district the second place was occupied with the candidate “ against all “ here will pass repeated elections which are appointed to March, 12th, 2006. One of these days the Amur United Russia party members have proposed Lyudmila Zaverjuhinoj`s nominee on repeated elections. G - zha Zaverjuhina worked zamredaktora the Tambov regional newspaper “ the Amur beacon “ then struggled for an armchair of the head of area in the summer, having lost in the second round to Nikolay Kuleshov. Wishing to stand for a regional council it will be necessary to present to electoral committee about 900 signatures of voters or to bring pledge in 75 thousand rbl. The candidates who have been put forward by branches of parties, having representation in parliament are released from it only. In regional election committee expect that in struggle for the deputy mandate will take part not less than ten candidates.
PAVEL KOSHELENKO, Blagoveshchensk

  nedropolzovanie “ Sahalinmorneftegaz “ reduces the cost price neftigendirektor Open Society “ Sahalinmorneftegaz “ (SMNG; affiliated company “ Rosneft “) Victor Ljubushkin on a press - conferences on Tuesday has summed up work of the Sakhalin oil industry workers for 2005. Under its data, till the end of the year SMNG will extract 1 million 865 thousand t oil. It on 30 thousand t is more than indicators of the last year`s period. As has noted g - n Ljubushkin, the company will reduce working costs, next year the cost price 1 t oil the gain from raw materials realisation is planned to lower to 3 thousand 321 rbl. At the same time should increase to 12 mlrd 49 million rbl. (this year it will make 11,5 mlrd rbl.). Head “ Sahalinmorneftegaza “ which is one of participants of the project “ Sakhalin - 1 “ (operator Exxon Neftegas), has informed that since October, 1st till the end of the year Khabarovsk territory, under the agreement with Exxon Neftegas, will receive 157 million in cubic m of natural gas and 500 thousand t oil. Oil arrives now on Komsomol NPZ (it is supervised “ Rosneft “) .
TIA “ Islands “; Ivan KVASHNIN

  Arbitration At Republic Sakha have not accepted the claim to “ to a daughter “ Vostok Naftaΐπαθςπΰζνϋι the court of Yakutia has refused to accept to consideration the claim of the Ministry of Property of republic to Cyprian Austro (Cyprus) Ltd. (“ a daughter “ investment fund Vostok Nafta) about a recognition void contracts on sale of 8,2 % of actions “ Sahaneftegaza “ (CIS) “ Sahatransneftegazu “ (STNG; 100 % belong republics Sakhas). As director Vostok Nafta Alex Williams has informed, the arbitration recognised that in the charter “ Sahatransneftegaza “ there are no points to which the claimant refers. Besides, in the contract between Austro and STNG as instance for consideration of disputes of the parties the arbitration court of Moscow is defined. On November, 28th the capital arbitration has suspended manufacture under the claim of the Cyprian company about collecting with “ Sahatransneftegaza “ About 190 million rbl. because in court of Yakutia the claim about a recognition void contracts on sale of actions " has arrived; Sahaneftegaza “. In the beginning of summer STNG has got 8,2 % of an authorised capital stock of the CIS. Under treaty provisions payment should be carried out by equal shares by August, 1st and by October, 1st. Because to the beginning of August money resources have not arrived, Austro (Cyprus) Ltd. Has addressed with the claim in court.
“ Interfax - AGI “

  the Budget will let out Yakutsk obligatsiideputatam Yakutsk the budget of capital of Yakutia for 2006 in last reading is offered. The chief financially - exchequer management of the Ministry of Finance of Republic Sakha across Yakutsk Elizabeth Nikolaeva has characterised budget parametres as “ quite good “: incomes will make 3,548 mlrd rbl., expenses - 3,75 mlrd rbl., deficiency - 206 million rbl. According to the financier, the budget “ has got prettier “ In the course of careful and preliminary work with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and branch departments. Capital economists worked over formation of Fund of the financial help to municipal unions, proving legitimacy of those or other factors of calculation of monetary feed from republican (and federal) the budget. As a result the sizes of the help have grown. “ though if to estimate a picture as a whole the powers of almost all municipal unions registered in FZ Ή131, are not to the full provided with budgetary appropriations, municipal budgets are dependent on the higher republican budget “ - has noticed g - zha Nikolaev. As have informed in a press - mayoralty service, release of municipal bonds becomes an innovation of next year. “ earlier the city did not cope with the parametres set by the Ministry of Finance basically on accounts payable volume, including, and under the salary. Now the situation was adjusted, and banks began to offer in eager rivalry literally to a city the services “ - mark in a press - service. Goradministratsija intend to hold competition among bankers.

  Municipal failures the Mayoralty has filled in kipjatkomvchera in a building of the mayoralty of Vladivostok there was a failure in heat supply system in which result some offices have been filled in by boiled water. As one of employees of the mayoralty has informed, hot water has damaged computers, the local computer network has been put out of action, and also the server which is carrying out support official information Internet - a site of city administration has stopped. According to the source, the mayoralty database has not suffered. Now experts are engaged in elimination of consequences. It is expected that the local computer network will be restored in the near future.
RIA “ News “

Progress remained without teplavchera all the day long a part of settlement Progress (Amur region) remained without heat. In four o`clock in the morning there was an impulse of the heating main connecting three streets of settlement from the District Chihinsky state district power station. Two streets are built up by one-storeyed houses, and street Anniversary - three - and five-floor houses. Thus, without heating remains about 15 % of inhabitants of settlement. In the morning the temperature in apartments has fallen to 10-12 degrees of heat. In department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Amur region „“ have declared that anything about state of emergency do not know. In poselkovoj administrations have informed on impulse elimination. It have found out at 15 o`clock, have disconnected a heating main and have begun repair work. By the evening kommunalshchiki have finished work and distances warmly in houses.
PAVEL KOSHELENKO, Blagoveshchensk

  Shots to the Irkutsk governor deputies of Legislative Assembly (ZS) the Irkutsk region have confirmed the first zamavchera have confirmed of Yury Paranicheva to the post the first deputy of the head of regional administration. From 42 deputies present at session for it has voted 41 persons, against - one. Earlier g - n Paranichev held a post of the head of administration of Traktorozavodsky area of Chelyabinsk. We will remind, for the first time governor Alexander Tishanin has offered its nominee on a post the first zama on September, 22nd, however then for it 11 deputies, against - 31 have voted. Nevertheless head of area has appointed g - to Paranicheva and. The island of the first zama, and in December has repeatedly brought its nominee in ZS for the statement. Addressing to deputies, Yury Paranichev has noticed that as a priority direction of the work considers protection of interests of inhabitants of the Irkutsk region for what dynamical development of regional economy is necessary, doubling of a total regional product, association with Ust - Ordynsky the Buryat autonomous region, and also “ conducting meaningful dialogue with the federal centre “.
Alexander TERENTYEV, Irkutsk

  Securities At a top - managers “ Irkuta “ shares in the capital kompaniipredsedatel Open Society board of directors " have decreased; Scientifically - industrial corporation “ Irkut “ “ Alexey Fedorov and the general director of Irkutsk aviation factory of branch NPK “ Irkut “ Vladimir Kovalkov have reduced shares in a corporation authorised capital stock. The share g - on Fedorova was reduced from 0,00039 % to 0,00035 %, g - to Kovalkova - from 0,00052 % to 0,00046 %. In the company have noticed that it is connected with the transaction on sale of 10 % of actions NPK “ Irkut “ for $65,3 million to the European concern EADS, come to the end past week. Thus the quantity of the actions which are in the property a top - managers, remains former.

Group NITOL has placed bonds on MMVBVchera Open Company “ Group NITOL “ (the owner of Open Company “ Usolehimprom “) Has informed on that past Tuesday has placed on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange the first release of bonds in nominal volume 1 mlrd rbl. At auction by definition of the rate of the first coupon by investors 64 demands for a total sum more than 1, 293 mlrd rbl. with values of the rate of the coupon in a range of 10 % - 12,05 % annual have been submitted. Following the results of competition the emitter has decided to establish the rate of the first coupon at a rate of 12 % annual. The organizer of release is Open Society “ Bank ZENITH “ anderrajterom - Joint-Stock Company “ the International Moscow Bank “. Reference term will make three years, bonds have six semi-annual coupons. A press - group NITOL service has informed that the obtained means will be invested in expansion of operating capacities and the organisation of new manufactures not only in Siberian region, but also in the European part of Russia. The company assumes to increase for three years a turn of the company to 7 mlrd rbl. the Expected turn of holding for 2005 - 3,18 mlrd rbl.
Sergey BERG, Irkutsk

  the Regional policy to Kolyma have prolonged preferential rezhimprezident Vladimir Putin has signed FZ “ About modification of item 5 of the Federal law „About the Special economic zone in the Magadan area“ “. On it has informed a press - service of the Kremlin. The law has been accepted by the State Duma on November, 25th, 2005 and a bit later is approved by federation Council. The document action of the preferential tax mode established for participants of the Special economic zone in the Magadan area lasts. According to the specified mode, participants OEZ are released from payment of taxes in a part arriving in the federal budget (except for deductions in the Pension fund and Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation).

  the Emergency situation In Priamure have frozen selov Selemdzhinsky area (Amur region) the emergency situation mode is entered. Prosecutor of the region Vyacheslav Sizov has filed criminal charges under item 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ the Negligence “) Upon cold season failure in settlement Ogodzha. Last week in this village peremerz a waterpipe. As a result of 150 houses in which live more than 400 persons, remained without heat and water. There were impulses on a heating main, water for work of two boiler-houses was brought up by means of a fire-engine. From district Ekimchan in Ogodzhu have been sent the reserve car and three persons from staff of Selemdzhinsky saving group. Attempt to submit heat in settlement on time water water has failed: at a frost in a minus of 40 degrees all system has failed. Now from a water fence to boiler-houses it is laid new water waters, proceed it is repair - a recovery work. In Ogodzhe the school, a kindergarten and apartment houses adjoining to them are already connected to heat. A boiler-house “ Bratsk “ according to rescuers, water temperature on an exit of 70 degrees works in a regular mode. On a boiler-house “ Central “ the equipment is checked up and prepares for start. “ a recovery work on heating mains and intrahouse networks Is conducted, - has informed „“ in a press - control centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. - on works 76 workers of public utilities and rescuers are occupied, the equipment and materials are brought up on 10 cars “.
PAVEL KOSHELENKO, Blagoveshchensk

  Investigation the Sakhalin official have accused of frauds with nedvizhimostjusahalinskaja Office of Public Prosecutor has finished investigation of criminal case concerning were vitse - the mayor Southern - Sahalinska Sergey Kondratyev. As they say in the message of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, g - well excess of powers of office, plunder of another`s property and swindle in especially large size is incriminated to Kondratyev. Results of check of questions financially - economic activities of municipal authority of public health services " became an occasion to office-work; Southern - the Sakhalin city diagnostic centre “ (GDTS) with 1996 for 2004, spent by experts of a finance administration of Sakhalin. According to the investigation, using false documents, Sergey Kondratyev heading during this period medical institution, has registered the property right of the Sakhalin public fund of development and medicine support to not completed three-storyed economic case erected at the expense of means GDTS. Subsequently the building has been sold to the third parties. The damage to the centre and municipality has made more than 3,5 million rbl. In 2004 g - n Kondratyev has passed to work in administration Southern - Sahalinska where till February, 1st, 2005 occupied posts vitse - the mayor and the chief of department of public health services and social development. Business is transferred in city court.

the Security guard has plundered aviakassumilitsija searches for the young security guard from Komsomolska - on - a Cupid, stolen a gain it of protected aviation agency. As have confirmed in a press - service of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on DFO, the security guard on duty has approached to the employee of aviacash desks. Threatening with the office weapon, it has got the woman in a room - kitchen where has connected an adhesive tape and has locked. Then has taken hold of money being in cash desk - about 180 thousand rbl. - and has disappeared in an unknown direction. Now are spent operatively - search actions for the purpose of detention of the armed armed assault suspected of fulfilment. It is known that it had gas pistol IZH - 79 - 8, and also that in security guards it has worked a little - hardly more than three months.

  Directors of a water canal have condemned the Sentence for dirty voduvchera court Nevelska (Sakhalin region) has passed the decision on criminal case concerning director MUP “ Nevelsky vodoprovodno - a sewer economy “ Valery Strelkova. As have informed „“ in regional Office of Public Prosecutor, rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety (p.1 item 238 UK) was incriminated to it: from September, 1 till September, 15th, 2005 in one of city apartment houses potable water in which contained moved it is not known as the activators which have got there of infections. In this connection at several inhabitants of the house, including at children, the acute enteric infection has been revealed. However head MUP has not blocked water and has not informed consumers on danger. The court has agreed with a position of state charge and ERNEST FILIPPOVSKY

  has fined the director on 100 thousand rbl.
; Basketball Seaside “ Spartak “ it is crushed in PermiV the championship of a man`s superleague “ And “ matches of the next round have taken place. Vladivostok “ Spartak - Primorski Krai “ played Perm against local eminent club “ Ural Mountains - Grejt “. Acting without recently dismissed head coach primortsy could not render serious resistance and have been crushed by owners with rupture in 30 points. A match result - 110:80 (33:17, 28:22, 28:17, 21:24) in advantage “ Ural Mountains - Grejta “. As a part of visitors Alexey Poltoratsky who has typed 16 points was allocated. Despite defeat, spartakovtsy have reserved the ninth place. On December, 23rd in Lyubertsy they will play with “ the Dynamo “ (Moscow Region) with which have identical quantity of points (on 15).