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Amur to a channel have soiled

Yesterday a stain of chemicals from Sungari has approached closely to Khabarovsk. The Chinese builders had not time to construct in time a dam on a channel of Kazakevicheva, and the forward front of a stain has got in a channel Amur. In the morning water supply on several water fences along Amur channels on December, 21st has been disconnected. The authorities were afraid that to water fences can get not so benzene (they do not exceed maximum concentration limit), and hlorfenolnye connections. Now officials wait results of tests of the water taken near settlement Nizhnespassky above regional capital on the Cupid. Following the results of analyses it will be definitively clear - will disconnect water supply in the Khabarovsk or not. Last night forward front of a benzene stain from the Peoples Republic of China, having passed not completed dam in a channel of Kazakevicheva, has got in a channel Amur and has approached closely to suburbs of Khabarovsk. Water supply on the water fences providing settlements Red Small river, Bychiha and sanatorium " in the morning has been disconnected; Ussuri near Bychihi. Without water remains to 6 thousand persons. Protection of city water fences has taken up about thousand militiamen. Inhabitants of houses in Southern district of Khabarovsk also remained without water and have started to demand by phones of explanations from officials. Before to Khabarovsk citizens on television repeatedly promised that about possible switching-off of water will warn for three days. The water fence of railwaymen of station Khabarovsk - 2 from which apartment houses on street Shmakovsky, Geodetic ate, school, technical training college and kindergartens - all about 2 thousand persons has stopped also. The authorities have explained that water supply is disconnected not from - for stains, and for technical reasons .
to the Calmed inhabitants on local TV channels yesterday all the day long showed psychologists who advised to keep calmness, not to read the newspaper, and to trust only to the official reports televised. However reports about results of water analysis were offered why - that for 19 number. Messages were transferred the inconsistent: the population that asked not to panic, suddenly declared that in a stain toluene is found out. As a result demand for potable water in shops again has sharply grown.
dam building in a channel of Kazakevicheva in the meantime has to one o`clock in the afternoon come to the end. It was constructed about 3 thousand Chinese workers, by rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, army DVO and workers Dalspetsstroja . From the military unit deployed on Big Ussuriisk the island which now is in a disbandment stage under the contract from the Peoples Republic of China, have thrown on embankment building all remained at military men on island the building technics and everything that it was possible to dump in a channel. As have told in the regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in a channel it has been poured out 100 thousand in cubic m of a ground, 2 supersize dump-body trucks with stones, 4 buses " are dumped; the GROOVE with sand in weight on 15 t everyone. From helicopter Mi - 26 rescuers have thrown off the railway car and two containers with sand in weight on 18 t. The constructed dam should block a way to a benzene stain in Amur to a channel to water fences in settlement Bychiha near sanatorium Ussuri and on Red Small river.
on termination of building of an embankment the first deputy of the chairman of the government of Khabarovsk territory Vladimir Popov has made an official statement. He recognised that communication between a stain and water supply switching-off in Khabarovsk and suburbs is. As he said, the decision it was accepted to block water delivery in connection with a delay of building of a dam in a channel of Kazakevicheva. The authorities were afraid that to water fences in Amur a channel except nitrobenzene will get hlorfenolnye connections (they could get in the Cupid together with dumped of Chinese selhozothodnikov to Sungari water). Now such threat is not present, and water supply should restore. water in the regional centre, obviously, will not be disconnected - mister Popov has declared. He has told that on central gorvodokanale there is begun procedure of filtering of water by means of coal suspension. It, as he said, will allow to cope with concentration of nitrobenzene even at level of two maximum permissible concentration (maximum concentration limit) - 0,4 mg/ l. According to the official, to the houses left without water free potable water will be brought up.
however it can not get to much. The population is not informed till now on points and time of distribution of water from water carriers in case of its switching-off. Any of interrogated respondents could not answer a question - where it will take water. There are no leaflets - instructions how to operate in case of an emergency situation. For example, not clearly, whether it is possible to use water pump columns in streets.
optimism of the authorities is not divided by the director of Far East branch of the World fund of the wild nature Yury Darman. As he said, the way of a benzene stain passes under the worst scenario . Mister Darman considers that from - for dump by Chineses of water in Sungari the part jadohimikatov squeezes out on an ice surface together with water stream. Therefore under ice, whence take samples, concentration of nitrobenzene decreases, but harmful substances thus are not dissolved and do not disappear anywhere.
the approach to Khabarovsk the most dangerous part of a benzene stain this night is expected. Gaugings of this site in settlement Nizhneleninsky (EAO) have yielded the worst result. Concentration of nitrobenzene made 1,05 maximum concentration limits (0,209 mg/. Analyses on presence in water of toxic metals, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, oil products, toluene, ksilola, paraksilola, ortoksilola, chlorine and hlorfenola are meanwhile carried out. However to the population on concentration of these substances in the Cupid it is informed nothing. The authorities speak only about concentration in the nitrobenzene river. Today near the Nizhnespassky stain from the most dangerous site again will take samples and will define, how much chemicals were dissolved in water. By results of gaugings it will be definitively clear, will disconnect water in a city or not. Last night on a site of the plenipotentiary in DFO there was a message referring to the government of Khabarovsk territory about acceptance by the regional authorities of the decision not to disconnect water in a city. However in a press - the centre krajadministratsii have declared that definitively question with water delivery is not solved yet.