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Labour fun

New year - one of the main corporate holidays. To celebrate it in collectives omichi begin long before treasured fight of the Kremlin chiming clock. According to managers, “ the New Year`s feast for employees allows to create positive mood for all labour year “.
New year and Christmas in the majority of the Omsk companies meet a feast traditional general. To invent something new or to invite experts - showmen for carrying out of parties heads of the enterprises and the organisations consider inexpedient. The organisation of celebratory celebrations is incurred more often by the manager on the personnel or a press - the secretary, as the author of idea and the celebration scenario the head of the organisation usually acts. Many manage even without traditional Father Frost, peal of bells and shout “ a fur-tree light “. Managers are assured that “ it is possible to consult also own forces “. For example, in Open Society “ IT - Bank “ To celebrate holidays have begun in the beginning of December. “ we have started recently the commercial project - is sports - dosugovyj the centre (SDTS) “Egoist“. Administration SDTS professionally is engaged in show business. Also does it well. The collective of our credit institution could be convinced of it when last month we celebrated the next anniversary IT - bank recently. Our New Year`s party has not taken place yet, but I do not doubt that all will be top-level “ - the councillor of directors IT - bank Yury Fedotov has stated confidence.
the most important winter holiday Omsk bakers In a big way want to celebrate. “ this time we will mark at once two events - Directly new year and association of three joint-stock companies “ Fornaks “ “ the Granary “ and “ Hlebnik “. Now we one enterprise. Otkupim the big restaurant that all workers could get acquainted with each other in easy conditions “ - the commercial director of Open Society " has joyfully informed; Hlebnik “ Rustam Kashapov.
In the majority of the enterprises and establishments which celebrate holidays at restaurants, business and is limited to a celebratory feast. Those who celebrates winter holidays at offices, give to gifts of more attention. “ at us the basic manufacture is a tailoring of sports bags. Collective female, we will cover a table. Our employees quite good inventors. There will be jokes and competitions, will play sketches. And it is obligatory gifts. Usually at us it is a good set of sweets and to adults, and children of working women “ - the general director of Joint-Stock Company " has told; Ermak “ Boris Naumov.
according to managers, “ the New Year`s feast for employees charges collective vivacity “. “ We celebrate a holiday at office. For the evening it is accepted to come with spouses and husbands. Such feast for employees allows to bring positive mood for all labour year. Gifts we try to give the unusual. For example, last year it there were original hats with a logo of our enterprise “ - the commercial director of Joint-Stock Company " has told; the Siberian Cellular communication “ Evgenie Sinelnikov.
however not the program of a celebration and at all gifts the main thing in this holiday, are assured heads of the Omsk enterprises. For them it is happy possibility “ to synchronise watches with collective “. “ Christmas evening we will spend, as well as it is necessary on a Russian Orthodox Church calendar, on January, 8th, 2006. Every year this day we gather at the enterprise. We speak about how has passed for us year. On a sweet table, juice, soft drinks, tea. We mark the best employees. They are awarded by gold stars with the interspersed brilliants which can be carried on a lapel of a jacket or on a dress. By the way, stars have solid term of money. Then invited actors play the bible scenes connected with Christmas. Traditionally for us soloists of Omsk Russian national chorus sing. In general, we spend Christmas how he needs to be spent “ - it is assured the chief of advertising department NPO “ the World “ Olga Korolkevich.
Anatoly Shestakov