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Public men were plaited

Yesterday by the city authorities have presented coordination social council (PLAITS) at the mayor of Omsk. The new structure will work as an advisory body expression of opinion of the public concerning decisions accepted by officials becomes which main task. Entered into council omichi recognise that its creation only repeats the initiative of the federal and regional authorities which also have founded public chambers, nevertheless sincerely believe that their opinion will be heard by officials.
the presentation of coordination social council at the mayor of Omsk has passed past Tuesday in the Vrubelevsky hall of the Omsk museum of the fine arts. Despite unbusinesslike atmosphere of a museum (in this hall just there passes Vasily Surikova`s art exhibition), the first meeting of councillors officials of the mayoralty have tried to give importance. In the hall centre the tribune, and everyone " has been established; the adviser Has received a chubby folder with the materials explaining problems and the plan of work of new structure at the mayor of Omsk. Under a rustle of papers (all time of presentation public men studied materials, trying to understand the duties) session was opened by the headed council the mayor of Omsk Victor Shrejder. To idea to create such advisory body, as he said, officials of city administration was pushed by set of references of public men concerning mayoralty actions. In the decision to create PLAITS, according to Victor Shrejdera, the big role experience of the regional authorities has played also. the government of the Omsk region last years actively works with the public. And the municipal authority should not be aside. We should solve together problems then also advantage will be more - the Omsk town governor believes. In total in PLAITS 120 representatives of 90 Omsk organisations, the elite at special conferences have entered.
then officials have asked to speak to public men. It has appeared, omicham was what to tell. Leaving to a microphone, councillors one after another complained that long time they have been forgotten by the authorities and actually always dreamt of creation of the body similar to coordination social council. at us the huge potential, and our knowledge are necessary for the power - the chairman of a society radical omichej Vladimir Seljuk has declared. Last initiatives of a society have been ignored by the power, - the vice-president of a society of protection of monuments Igor Konovalov has timidly noticed from a tribune. - council Creation will accustom the power to listen to opinion of the public .
However, councillors admitted that the establishment the PLAIT would not be without creation of Public chamber (OP) at federal level. Besides, has affected city officials and that the bill on public chamber of the Omsk region now prepares. However if OP it urged to supervise actions of officials the council created at the mayor of Omsk, will act only as an advisory body at acceptance by the mayoralty of decisions. In structure the PLAIT some sections will be created: concerning medicine and propagation of a healthy way of life, formation, safety, ecology and preservation of the environment, youth and development of sports, architecture and town-planning.
the first session of council will take place in January, 2006.
Ekaterina Kudryavtsev