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2006 - mu have picked up the concept

In the mayoralty of Omsk the concept of New Year`s actions, and also celebratory registration of a city is developed. This time the special attention is given to light registration of the regional centre. Businessmen try to adhere to the concept thought up by officials and do not stint decorative light engineering, expecting to draw thus attention of townspeople. According to businessmen, pronikshis celebratory mood, omichi will do more purchases.
with a new fur-tree
Under plans of the city authorities in the end of December - the beginning of January in Omsk will pass about 50 celebratory programs. The city fur-tree becomes the main New Year`s action as usual. This year on December, 30th the fur-tree will collect omichej any more on a traditional place, in square of Pioneers. As the chief of a municipal government of culture Victor
has informed Demchenko, from - for buildings in square of the Uspensky cathedral now the city fur-tree will pass in the Recreation park Green island . Having moved on a new place, a fur-tree will grow up to 25 m, a six-sided scene round it will allow to act bolshemu to quantity of actors, and to spectators to observe of an event at once from different directions. All the rest remains without changes: trading tents, ice small town and hills. By tradition alcohol sale in venues of holidays will be forbidden, it will be watched by the strengthened police squads. Will finish celebratory action on December, 30th fireworks on which this year from city treasury it is planned to direct 200 thousand rbl. of All New Year`s holidays will manage to a city almost in 4 million rbl.

In the light future
According to the general concept of New Year`s celebrations Light in a city, light in a window, light in a shower special value is given to light registration of the regional centre. Light theme will be present even at slogans with which will decorate a city: the Light holiday, expensive omichi! Light New year! . Will instal in omichej belief in light future Priirtyshja and Omsk metromost, chosen by object of social advertising. we will place congratulatory banners not only in city centre, but also on its suburbs to create celebratory mood to all city - has informed the head of department of design of the city environment and advertising of the mayoralty of Omsk Ljubov Brineva.
the Separate concept is provided for the main Omsk highways - the Red way around park Green island and Gagarin`s streets at the city mayoralty. Besides garlands these streets will decorate metallo - fabric designs in the form of a New Year tree.
to shine all colours of a rainbow owe facades of Omsk shops, and also trees in adjoining territory. Show-windows will be decorated with the stylised snowmen, hand bells, bows and coniferous branches. The singular solution is provided for shops on the Ljubinsky prospectus. In ancient Omsk street in show-windows the big congratulatory retro - cards will be placed.
for creation of celebratory mood omichej it is necessary to work and to local designers. Management of design of the city environment and advertising of Omsk develops a theme of New Year`s registration of the regional centre. On show-windows of shops and windows of establishments there will be celebratory emblems. This time a symbol of New year - 2006 becomes the image of a fur-tree toy in which night Omsk is reflected. Emblems will appear and on a municipal transportation. in the buses equipped with a creeping line, passengers will be pleased with New Year`s congratulations - has told the head of department of design Ljubov Brineva. In the remote plans of city designers for New Year`s holidays to dress up drivers of buses in Father Frost suits, and conductors to re-embody in the Snow Maidens. but it very much zatratno as it is necessary to buy a large quantity of suits, therefore it in the future - madam Brineva has told.

Doing a holiday
it is not less active in a city ornament Omsk businessmen take part also. In registration of the shops they strictly follow the declared concept of a holiday, doing an emphasis on light registration. On the area before Shopping centre Omsk in the beginning of December it is established 20 - a metre fur-tree. Building of snow small town and ice hills is now conducted. In a light veil designers have hidden Shopping centre restaurant Gzhel . The food supermarket was decorated with huge New Year`s spheres in diameter of 1 m. Them have specially brought from Holland because in Russia such is not present. We intentionally decorate trading floors the big designs as on our areas something small is simply lost - Margarita Yevseyev has told the chief of department of strategic development and advertising of Shopping centre.
the New Year`s interior meet buyers company offices MTS . Designers together with employees of the company have decorated trading floors to rains and garlands, have established New Year`s fur-trees with toys. In one of offices the most exotic fur-tree yellow - corporate colour of MTS is established. This year at creation of New Year`s style the colour cord and a colour grid, specially, to allocate both signboards, and windows of offices of MTS " has been used; - has told a press - the secretary of the company Anna Djakonova.
the Trading complex the Cascade it is decked by a light rain, and the fur-tree on the area before a complex symbolises the Russian flag - garlands on it are poured by colours trikolora. In a complex Letur did not begin to change the annual concept of celebratory registration. we always do an emphasis on illumination so and this time have got to the city concept - have informed in a trading complex.

Counting on growth of sales
Omsk businessmen recognise that registration of the enterprises by New year demands the big expenses, than an ornament by other city holidays, for example, to the City Day. Most of all expenses goes on the light equipment. As has informed the senior manager of the advertising company art - the master Oksana Batyrshina, all process of registration of the offices, beginning from consultation of the designer and finishing installation, on the average occupies week. Easier and most cheaply to use in light registration djuralajtovyj a cord with running or static fires (from 50 rbl. for metre). As a rule, such cord write figures of coming year, draw snowflakes, fur-trees - Oksana Batyrshina has told. Light grids, rains, light fountains and palm trees concern more effective light equipment (cost of a light fountain from 10 thousand rbl.) . The controller is necessary for installation of a mode of a blinking of fires (from 500 rbl.). Installation of equipment will manage to businessmen in the sum from 500 rbl. Depending on volume, building registration will cost complexities of work and used materials from 3 thousand to hundreds thousand rubles - Oksana Batyrshina has told.
However, the concrete sum of expenses of the Omsk companies do not name and consider that they are defensible, - the buyer for certain will come into shop shining by fires and leaves therefrom with purchase.
Ekaterina Kudryavtsev