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The forbidden native land

On Tuesday in the cinema House has passed the evening devoted 100 - letiju from the date of a birth of the great film director, the national actor of the USSR (1964) Josephs Hejfitsa (1905 - 1995). According to MICHAEL TROFIMENKOVA, the public display of a film first for 72 year " became the present sensation; My Native land (1933), put by Joseph Hejfitsem and its constant co-author Alexander Zarhi. Joseph Hejfits - not the unique director of the generation who have lived some of creative lives. The author the Deputy of Baltic (1937) became in 1950 - h years to one of leaders Thaw cinema, having put Business of Rumjantseva (1955) and the Lady with the doggie (1960). But the second breath then have found both Grigory Kozintsev, and Michael Romm, and Michael Kalatozov. Hejfits it is unique made creative longevity. The latest film the Vagrant bus (1989) it has put in 84 years. And even in ten years after death gives surprises: the second premiere My Native land - masterpiece opening.
my Native land ( the Bridge People OKDVA ) Probably, not only the first it is high-grade a sound Soviet film, but also the first film which has been removed from the screen under personal instructions of Stalin. The triumphal premiere has taken place in Day of Red Army on February, 23rd, 1933. But already on April, 3rd Truth has informed on an interdiction of a film, which gives the wrong, deformed representation about our Red Army . The dictator of the Soviet cinema Boris Shumjatsky finished a film: it system of the images gives a caricature on new people of the Soviet country, representing their any spineless and weak-willed, attributes it unusual for people of our heroic epoch and our class neprotivlencheskie lines . Up to now the film has reached with losses. The part in which, preparing for spot-check on the Soviet territory was gone, officers - beloemigranty sing in a Harbin tavern, certainly, a song In taverns of Harbin .
Claims are fabricated, so happens always when the power is irritated not with concrete sedition - it in a film is not present and in pomine, - and something imperceptible, but the free is inadmissible. Fighters Person Krasnoznamennoj of Far East army (OKDVA), reflecting an attack of the Chinese armies both white the guerrilla and occupying for ostrastki the Chinese city, the miracle - athletes is valid not poster. Even in overcoats and windings they remain lapotnikami with an axe forced persons, clumsy movements, inconsistent speech, country opaslivostju and slyness. They are sincerely interesting to Hejfitsu. He loves the people OKDVA he in general loves life as directors of that epoch were able to love it only.
director`s freedom and imagination go hand in hand with absolute ottochennostju each movement, a remark, the incidental character. Bloody spot-check of Chineses and final returning of parts OKDVA home - rhythm masterpieces: Movement of human weights and groups alternates with expressional details. The gangster crumples pulled out of a hand of the dead teacher leaves: to Arithmetics learnt . The rickshaw overturns a carriage with the passenger, klassovo dissatisfied with that kuli zagljadelsja on red armored cars, - in a following shot it already smokes a cigar burzhuja. And anybody, anybody and never in a film says any slogan: all - only through direct human reactions.
round the basic plot vetvitsja set of collateral lines, each of which even planned casually, a high-grade short story. Playful Chinese Van - the tramp (Boris Hajdarov) who necessarily has become by an aggressor, but then finished off the officer and returned home already with rudiments of class consciousness as it is important for Hejfitsa as magnificent prostitute Lyudmila (Lyudmila Semenova) who kartinno closes the person a lock and shoots papirosku at the Red Army man: Has got tired to talk, language has sweated . Tiny povariha, awkwardly enamoured of Vasku who have run away from a captivity as it is brightly moulded, as captain Alyabyev (Oleg Zhakov), the white officer first in the Soviet cinema - the psychopath, raving the family Yaroslavl private residence, learning in any red it razoritelja, mortally poisoned with the violence, ready to shoot though in colleagues, though in a floor hard departing from attacks, detoubijtsa. Such Civil war not adjusted to state stereotypes (and events on Chinese - East railway, underlying a film, is a continuation of Civil war) again will appear in the Soviet cinema only in 30 years.
And all, by the way, in 1930 - 1934 48 more films, including the well-known Alexey Kaplera, Nikolay Ohlopkova, Michael Kalatozova, Alexander Medvedkina, Michael Gelovani, Leonid Lukova, Ivan Perestiani, Ivan Kavaleridze, Konstantin Eggerta, Sergey Gerasimov, Igor Savchenko, Ivan Pravova, Kuleshov`s Lion were forbidden. To Joseph Hejfitsu has simply carried that unlike many other victims of censorship My Native land has remained and has lived to the second premiere.