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Members of parliament write more officials

Yesterday sankt - Petersburg ZakS has officially brought preliminary results of work for a year. In 2005 members of parliament will hold one more, last session, but the most important events, in their opinion, have already occurred. In autumn session they have put an effective point, officially having addressed in Federal meeting with the request to change residence permit KS from Moscow to St.-Petersburg (the material see this page). Actually parliamentary year begins and comes to an end in the summer, after the termination of spring session. Before summer vacations the governor and speaker ZakSa sign the plan of legislative activity for year forward. So before leaving for New Year`s holidays, deputies bring intermediate results of the activity.
figures were thus resulted not for parliamentary, and for a calendar year. But the parity of the bills brought by the governor and deputies, does not change: Smolnyj offers approximately twice less laws, than members of parliament (54 against 98). Thus it is necessary to consider that deputies bring a considerable share of projects of laws formally from themselves, and in practice - at the desire of officials of executive power. But the mayor signs laws, as a rule, only in edition comprehensible to. In total four times in 2005 ZakS overcame the veto of the governor, but deputies only for not too significant laws - one of them afforded it, for example, concerned establishments of holidays in Petersburg. Nevertheless vitse - speaker Yury Gladkov has estimated work of ZakSa on the firm four .
As the main achievements of 2005 members of parliament name election as honourable citizens of writer Daniel Granin and the head of State Unitary Enterprise the Water canal Felix Karmazinova (it is considered achievement because last year deputies so have begun to argue among themselves that have not managed to choose any honourable citizens), scandalous re-election of judges of Authorized court, program acceptance socially - economic development, and also the twentieth - in the history of Petersburg - the General layout of a development of the city. Speaker Vadim Tjulpanov, summing up, has noted also the reference in Federal meeting of the Russian Federation with the request for transfer in Northern capital of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, accepted yesterday.
deputies have confirmed the General plan in the third reading at yesterday`s session. The basic work on its editing has been done before the second reading. Passing of the law in whole, ZakS has approved only one essential amendment, having resolved namyt in the western part of Vasilevsky island not 200 - 250 hectares of additional territories, and 450 - 500. It is made because in the governmental order of the Russian Federation from December, 9th of current year from water fund in the status of the earths of settlements it was a question of transfer of this territory about 476,9 hectares.