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The rare deputy - - not the United Russia party member

Yesterday fraction an United Russia in ZakSe Leningrad regions has replenished with two more deputies - Archilom Lobzhanidze and Alexander Trafimovym. Thus its number has increased to 19 persons. In numbers of United Russia party members the parliament will confirm statements of two more members of parliament for transition at following session. Heads of fraction declare that in the near future in it there will be an overwhelming majority of deputies, - all them in ZakSe now 47.
Mass transition of deputies in an United Russia has begun one month ago. On November, 22nd in fraction only 14 legislators officially were registered, but then in it the high-ranking regional officials were pulled: governor Valery Serdjukov, speaker ZakSa Cyril of Poles and vitse - speaker Andrey Nelidov - it became the curator of party on Severo - to the West.
growth of numbers of United Russia party members has threatened existence of other parliamentary associations, in particular fractions the Native land In which remains seven deputies (to keep in ZakSe at least visibility of a political variety, people`s choices had to reduce hastily the minimum number of fraction from nine to five persons). In July the Native land Nikolay Pasjada, and in August - Sergey Kozyrev has left. Both deputies have passed in the local government. And now from the Native land in an United Russia Alexander Trafimov has passed also. Remained rodintsy tell that offers to pass in the party in power became also it, and a number of independent deputies. One of them even has declared that United Russia party members already actually 24 persons, meaning quantity of preliminary arrangements. Cyril Poljakov has declared yesterday that it not a limit and United Russia party members count even on bolshee, than 24 deputies. The leader of fraction Sergey Lvov has thus confirmed the fact of negotiations with a number of deputies. As he said, to United Russia party members have set the task to achieve overwhelming majority of voices in ZakSe, and in the near future this problem will be executed. By data, two more legislators have written applications for occurrence in an United Russia it is independent deputy Michael Vodopjanov and Vladimir Stepanov leaving fraction of LDPR.