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In search of a New Year`s fairy tale

in Christmas vacation tourist rounds home Father Frost to Lapland and in tropical countries use Special popularity. Where and how to meet a holiday, Anna Gadalina chose.
New year for me since the childhood - a holiday especial, same joyful as birthday, only smells it as a fur-tree, tangerines, and all it is seasoned by magic expectation. Usually we with friends spent a New Year`s eve in a city, wandering from one apartment in another that nobody to offend. In this case each of us by turns acted in Father Frost role and the Snow Maidens, distributing gifts. But this year we have decided to break tradition and to go to distant wandering in search of a New Year`s fairy tale. Where the destiny, the integral attribute of a holiday, on the common decision has thrown us, there should be an evergreen coniferous tree and snow. Therefore exotic resorts of Jugo - East Asia and the North Africa have been rejected.
However, fidelity to snow winter in days of Christmas vacation inhabitants of Priirtyshja keep not all. As has told the manager on tourism of one of travel agencies of Omsk of Anastas Bok, for New Year`s holidays our fellow countrymen aspire to Egypt, Thailand, on the Indian coast - Goa and to the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates). Those who can allow itself it, try to leave, the majority resorts where there is a sea, choose the sun and where warmly. For example, in Egypt at this time the sea temperature will be approximately +20, air will get warm to +23, but it does not stop our tourists, all of them will equally bathe - has told Anastas Bok. Cost of fortnight round to pyramids of Heopsa on the average $1 thousand on the person. To coast of Red sea you deliver a direct charter from Omsk. Fortnight round in the United Arab Emirates will cost $1,2 thousand (a departure from Novosibirsk) or $1 thousand if to fly through Moscow. Resorts of Thailand are more expensive. The fortnight permit for two the person will manage approximately in $3,6 thousand If your travel is necessary directly for a New Year`s eve, to round cost it is necessary to add on the average $150 for a celebratory supper in hotel - the madam has specified the Side. That to whom the Christmas mood of Europe is closer, tour operators offer travel on mounting skiing resorts of Andorra (from 450 euros), a trip to Italy (300 - 600 euros), France (from 300 euros), excursion rounds to Czechia (from 500 to 1,5 thousand euro) and, of course, the Scandinavian countries (round for 5 days from 250 to 600 euros). Add to cost of the permit expenses on the visa 50 - 60 euros. round cost depends on a hotel and type of transport category. Bus rounds to Finland and Sweden are very popular, but it is possible to take off for Scandinavia and plane from Moscow or to go on the ferry from St.-Petersburg - the director of tourist agency Maxim Pavlov has explained.
to Choose a route of New Year`s travel it has appeared the most simple task. Much more difficult in the middle of December to reserve a hotel room. Sales of rounds to Czechia have ended in the beginning of November. The same result waited and at attempt to order round home for Father Frost to Finland. the peak of activity of tourists has had for October - November. By December almost all rounds are bought up. Burning permits can be found only in the visa-free countries, such, as Egypt and Thailand - the madam has told the Side.
we as a result have decided to find a New Year`s fairy tale in Italy. For 600 euros from everyone the tour operator promised us fascinating travel on cities of arts of Apenninsky peninsula. Absence of snow compensates charm of the eternal city, after all New year we will meet in Rome, we will drink champagne on a main square of Vatican, before St. Peter`s cathedral, and in the morning of next day we will go to Florence. Travel to Venice will end with a cup of coffee on well-known Pjatstsa the Dignity - Marko, and by orthodox Christmas we will come back home.