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Dismissal with increase

In administration of Komi - Permjatsky autonomous region (KPAO) the first have begun after creation of the Perm edge personnel shifts. The chief of a finance administration, zamglavy autonomies Elena Filimonova who has left one of these days in holiday, from it will not return any more. By data , it will pass to work in central administrative board of the finance of Prikamye. Also in the near future in regional administration can pass the first zamglavy KPAO Boris Sokolov. Officials of district declare what now confidently feel on the place anybody from them in spite of the fact that earlier the governor of edge Oleg Chirkunov has promised cannot not to spend essential personnel shifts to administrations KPAO after association of two subjects. As it became known , in administration KPAO the first have begun after creation of the Perm edge personnel shifts. One of these days in holiday Elena Filimonova has left the chief of a finance administration, zamglavy autonomies. Its place Anna Aleshkova has occupied the deputy chief of management. The high-ranking source in district administration has informed that after holiday madam Filimonova for work will not return. probably, it did not suit new head of administration Valery Bajandina with the independence, - the interlocutor has assumed. - And appointment of madam Aleshkovoj, most likely, has taken place after the coordination with deputies of district Legislative Assembly .
Besides, the source has assumed that in the near future from the post the first can leave zamglavy administrations Boris Sokolov. the most probable successors are the deputy of regional parliament Nikolay Bykov and the chairman kontrolno - Audit Chamber Ivan Karpovich, - he has declared. - many do not understand that occurs, after all earlier the governor of edge Oleg Chirkunov promised that during half a year of serious shifts will not be, and here it is a question of two key posts!
Boris Sokolov has declared that today all can appear in the same situation, as Filimonova . to It have suggested to leave, I precisely know it, and the person quickly had to search to itself for a new place, - it has explained. - concerning myself while anything I can not tell .
However, Valery Bajandin treats an event differently, than its subordinates. Elena Filimonova really will not return any more. But it is connected with reached even before my arrival on this post arrangements on which it will pass to work in regional management of the finance. Documents with the request to send there its private affair to us already have arrived - the head of administration has noted. Mister Bajandin has declared Boris Sokolova`s possible leaving that that, under its data, it is taken by search of a new place of work, including in regional administration and about the one whom it to replace, to think while early . Transition of the mister of Sokolov in regional administration was excluded also by the political adviser of the governor Nikolay Yashin. this variant was discussed even in the summer, but, it can occupy which post, I do not know - he has declared.
in November, during the visit in KPAO, Oleg Chirkunov has declared that with December, 1st (a date of creation of the Perm edge) no special changes in structure of management of an autonomy will occur. all heads of structural divisions of district administration continue to carry out the functions, - Oleg Chirkunov has assured then district officials. - Formation of regional administration will smoothly occur during the nearest half a year. We are not interested in that people lost workplaces . However the district acting administration will exist only before transition period end - on January, 31st, 2007, then reduction of the staff of officials of district inevitably. In this light forthcoming personnel shifts look logical. Thus, the region authorities try to fulfil made before the promise that officials of an autonomy after association of regions without work do not remain.