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Game rules
Restoration zachtut in a rent

Yesterday the government of St.-Petersburg has confirmed the bill “ About protection of objects of a cultural heritage “. At the heart of the document norms of the law of the Russian Federation " lie; About objects of a cultural heritage of the people of the Russian Federation “ but the regional bill is developed taking into account the Petersburg specificity. The reconstruction of the lost object of a cultural heritage is possible, if is recognised it istoriko - cultural value, and also in the presence of design and fotofiksatsionnoj documentation. Possibility of a reconstruction and at the expense of city treasury, truth " is provided; in exceptional cases “. Besides, the right of tenants of monuments to privileges on a rent if employers promote their preservation is fixed.

the Baltic factory has lowered “the roll-on ship“

Open Society “ the Baltic factory “ Entering into Incorporated industrial corporation, yesterday has floated the case of the ocean “roll-on“ ship constructed by request of shipyard Fosen Mekaniske Verksteder A/ S (FMV, Norway). The ferry is intended for transportation of lorries - trailers and passengers in the North Sea. Will maintain “the roll-on ship“ company Stena Ro Ro entering in large holding Stena AB (Sweden). On building of two “roll-on“ ships (type Ro Pax) with horizontal way of loading the joint-stock company has concluded the contract with FMV in the end of August, 2004. Definitive completion will be made by the Norwegian shipyard FMV. Cost of a head vessel makes about $20 million Building of the second vessel of a series for the Norwegian shipyard the Baltic factory conducts on one building berth with the head “roll-on“ ship. It will be transferred customers in 2006.

the Road economy
Obuhovsky quay have left on then

Yesterday the Petersburg government has excluded from the list of priorities of road building the next years building of Obuhovsky quay from the Bypass channel to a ring highway, and also arrangement of Pharmaceutical quay. Simultaneously to the general plan the next years works on an accomplishment of territory and building of access roads to the Western high-speed diameter, the sea passenger terminal on Vasilevsky island, to objects of the October railway, a high-speed line St.-Petersburg - Moscow have been added. Besides, in 2006 carrying out of reconstruction of southern and northern parties of quay of the Bypass channel is planned.
news agency Regnum

the Corporate finance
“ severo - Western a TV set “ has prepared for decrease
Open Society Board of directors “ severo - Western a TV set “ (SZT) has confirmed the budget for 2006. In 2006 the consolidated gain SZT will make 18,613 mlrd roubles that on 8 % below a gain of current year. However thanks to decrease in costs the operational profit of the company should grow on 6 %, to 4,638 mlrd roubles, EBITDA (profit to a deduction of percent, the profit tax, amortisation of the basic means and non-material actives) - on 15 %, to 6,042 mlrd roubles, net profit - on 11 %, to 2,005 mlrd roubles. On the investment in 2006 it is planned to direct 3,847 mlrd roubles that will make 21 % from gain SZT. In perspective services it is planned to invest more than 1 mlrd roubles that in 3,5 times more than in 2005. It is expected that next year the operator will enter 74 thousand DSL - ports, 60 thousand new numbers (in 2005 - 149 thousand) And tsifrovizatsija networks will raise to 55 %. Open Society “ severo - Western a TV set “ - the inter-regional operator of fixed telecommunication into which structure enter “ the Petersburg telephone system “ “ artelekom “ “ Murmanelektrosvjaz “ “ Novgorodtelekom “ “ Telecommunication of the Vologda area “ “ Telecommunication of the Kaliningrad region “ “ Republic Kareliya Telecommunication “ “ Telecommunication of the Pskov area “; by autumn of 2004 to the company are attached “ Communication “ Republics Komis and “ Lensvjaz “. The basic shareholder of the company - holding “ Svyazinvest “.
news agency Regnum