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Gas of Evenkii has got to Gazprom

Yesterday territorial agency on nedropolzovaniju Krasnoyarsk region ( Krasnojarsknedra ) Declared results of the auctions on the right of geological studying, investigation and extraction of hydrocarbons to Taimbinsky and Abrakupchinsky oil and gas sites in Evenkii. In the auctions has taken part five companies. Following the results of auction, the Taimbinsky oil and gas site for 568 million roubles has bought Open Society Gazprom Abrakupchinsky rbl. for 301 million has got Open Company Slavneft - Krasnojarskneftegaz Open Society affiliated company Slavneft . As the deputy chief " has declared yesterday ; Krasnojarsknedra Yury Filiptsov, a great interest to Evenki sites (this year it is already got five oil and gas sites in Evenkii: Kordinsky, Bajkitsky, Chambinsky and Tukolano - Svetlaninsky oil and gas sites has got Open Society Slavneft ; Srednetajmurinsky - the company Sibneft . - ) it is connected by that in autonomous region will start in the near future oil pipeline building. When there will be a transportation possibility, sites will start to make profit, on oil pipeline building will leave an order of five years, till this time all sites will be unprofitable - he has noted.

also mister Filiptsov has told that in the past yesterday auctions has taken part at once five large companies. In the list of participants were: Open Society Surgutneftegaz Open Society samotlorneftegaz Open Company Holmogorneftegaz Open Society Gazprom and Open Company Slavneft - Krasnojarskneftegaz .

Results of the auctions while only the preliminary. The decision of the commission of auction should pass the coordination in Rosnedrah then winners will be considered as lawful owners of licences for sites.

the most perspective, according to mister Filiptsova, the Taimbinsky oil and gas site is. Its look-ahead resources of oil of category 3 make 11,8 million t and gas 16 mlrd cubic m. Look-ahead figures of category D1 make 86,1 million t and 129,2 mlrd cubic m of gas. The site has left from the auctions for 568 million roubles, the starting price - 80 million rbl., an auction step - 8 million rbl. From five applicants the winner became the company Gazprom .

Wishing to get the Abrakupchinsky oil and gas site also there were five. Its look-ahead stocks make 6,5 million t oil and 21 mlrd cubic m of gas. The company Slavneft - Krasnojarskneftegaz Open Society affiliated company Slavneft has bought a site for 301 million roubles. The starting price of auction of 10 million rbl., a step of auction of 1 million rbl.

In the company Slavneft yesterday comments have refused, having explained that while the transaction will not pass the coordination in Rosnedrah the joint-stock company management cannot do any statements. To the same position adhere and in Gazprom .

Yesterday`s auction became the last this year. On February, 9th, 2006 will pass the auctions on sale of Tukolandsky and Vadinsky oil and gas sites. Term of giving of application forms for participation expires on December, 23rd.