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The authorities have called in in investment deadlock

Yesterday zamgubernatora Michael Antonov, having sounded preliminary results of year in sphere of economy of Prikamye, has declared that the potential of growth of raw economy of region is almost settled - the authorities expect industry growth only on 2,5 - 3 % in 2006. Michael Antonov admitted that the administration does not know, what branch can become “ the locomotive “ innovative economy. Experts „“ consider that it is necessary for regional administration to develop distinct economic policy, and suggest to develop formation. Yesterday vitse - the governor of the Perm area Michael Antonov has sounded preliminary results of economic growth of the Perm area for 2005. Valovyj the regional product (VRP) will make 300 - 305 mlrd roubles (in 2004 - 263 mlrd roubles). Growth in the comparable prices has made 2,7 - 2,8 %, in 2006 is planned to increase VRP on 2,5 - 3 %, Michael Antonov has informed. Oil extracting has grown more than on 3 %, and processing manufactures of growth at all have not shown. The reason of it, according to mister Antonova, - a difficult situation in the mechanical engineering, connected by that in 2005 “ Gazprom “ has essentially lowered purchases gazoperekachivajushchego the equipment in Perm. But in 2005 the chemical branch has grown - its volumes of output have increased by 8 %. The Agriculture has lowered volumes of made production on 2,5 %.
Making comments on results of year, Michael Antonov has declared that that model of economy which is now in the Perm area, has settled growth possibilities. The basic branch - oil cannot give a considerable gain as stocks of minerals are almost completely mastered. The oil refining and chemical industry are loaded completely. The only thing that, in opinion vitse - the governor, can give a gain is a mechanical engineering. However the question is not solved with a commodity market of this production yet, also it is not necessary to wait for considerable changes, has noted zamgubernatora.
According to mister Antonova, the region economy is in investment crisis, therefore the problem - to keep manufacture growth at level 2 - 3 %. The basic problem is an absence of large investment projects. Michael Antonov has sounded that the edge management considers necessary transition from raw economy to development of deeper processing, and in the long term - transition to release of consumer production. However officials yet have not thought up how to carry out this transition, admitted vitse - the governor: “ We are in search, but yet we do not know, what branches could become transition “locomotive“ to innovative economy “.
the Supervisor of studies of the Center of applied economy Yury Belousov has informed „“ that level of investments into economy in the Perm edge, under its data, more low srednerossijskogo an indicator, actually active investments are observed only in the field of the oil and potash industry. Falling of investments will lead sooner or later to decrease in all economic indicators, the expert considers. The basic problem, in its opinion, - absence of distinct economic policy of the authorities. To solve economy problems, it is necessary to begin with a development of education, Yury Belousov has added. “ In the world for a long time regard the means put in formation, not as social expenses, and as investments into the future “ - he has noticed. According to mister Belousova, in other regions for a long time are engaged in an economic policy formulation, and many have outstripped the Perm area. For example, in Ekaterinburg the economic program developed within 7 years and, eventually, have achieved result.
the vice-president of economic committee OZS Dmitry Skrivanov has noticed that the situation which has developed in economy, is natural. “ we too long depended on an oil monopolist “ - the deputy has informed. In its opinion, growth delay says not that oil recovery, and that at " has decreased; LUKOIL “ become by the international company, priorities in distribution of financial streams have changed. Mister Skrivanov considers that a priority direction now should become and development of projects in other branches, except oil. Therefore, the deputy considers, first of all it is necessary to create an infrastructure for industry development - roads and communications.