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Deputies of Kamchatka have not complied Korjakiju

Yesterday the Kamchatka deputies the offer in the project of the constitutional law on formation of the new subject of the Russian Federation - the Kamchatka edge have approved. Members of parliament have completely agreed with the initiatives which have arrived from the device of the president of the Russian Federation. At the same time council of regional deputies has not supported the offer of a thought of Koryak autonomous region (KAO) on formation of the future legislature of incorporated region on a two-chamber basis. Yesterday in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij there has passed extraordinary session of country council of People`s Deputies. Members of parliament have approved of the offer in the project of the federal constitutional law About formation as a part of the Russian Federation the new subject of the Russian Federation as a result of association of the Kamchatka area and Koryak autonomous region . The deputy case has completely agreed with the bill offered by the device of the president of the Russian Federation. According to a present variant of the constitutional law, the new Russian region, the Kamchatka edge, will be considered formed since January, 1st, 2008. As a part of the subject in borders of territory KAO territorial unit with the special status - Koryak national district is created. We will remind, on October, 23rd this year passed a referendum on association of two territories. For merge of subjects have voted more than 85 % of their inhabitants from among come on polling districts.
under the bill, since January, 1st, 2007 and before end of formation of a legislature of the government of the first convocation the transition period during which the edge charter will be accepted operates. Powers of present governors of Kamchatka and Korjakii expire by July, 1st, 2007, by this moment head of the integrated subject should enter a post. The nominee of the governor of the Kamchatka edge is submitted for consideration by the president of the Russian Federation and it is considered accepted if for it has voted more than half of deputies of Legislative Assemblies of district and area.
According to the variant of the bill offered by koryak deputies, after association the legislature of the new subject will be presented by a parliament of two houses. However Kamchatka zakonotvortsy by a majority of votes have refused to support the initiative of colleagues. According to the deputy of fraction an United Russia Boris Nevzorov (simultaneously is mayor Ust - the Kamchatka area), with the amendment about a parliament of two houses which is brought by the Koryak thought, we do not agree . In case of its acceptance in a new legislature interests of Korjakii with the population in 24,6 thousand persons and the Kamchatka area where lives over 300 thousand persons, will represent on 12 deputies. 12 deputies in chamber Korjakii and 12 - in ours. We, of course, cannot agree with it! - mister Nevzorov has declared.
meanwhile in confirmed at session of a regional council offers there are no instructions on quantitative structure of the future legislature. While it decided to create the working group including deputies and representatives of administration of Kamchatka which will define number of a thought of the Kamchatka edge. Elections of new parliament it is planned to appoint to the second Sunday of October, 2007. After the legislature of the incorporated subject will be generated, powers of parliaments of the Kamchatka area and Koryak joint-stock company will stop.
the offers accepted yesterday under the bill will be directed in the near future for consideration to a deputy head of Presidential Administration of Russia to Vladislav Surkovu, to interdepartmental group on preparation of a substantiation of expediency of formation of the new subject of the Russian Federation, governors of Kamchatka and Korjakii and in thought KAO.
IVAN FOMIN, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij;