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Physical hands has rescued children from a roof

At high school of 89 villages Grigorevsky Nytvensky area (the Perm edge) yesterday during a lesson ceiling overlappings in sports hall have fallen. Children have not suffered thanks to competent actions of the teacher of physical culture. According to preliminary data, the roof has failed approximately for the same reason, as three weeks before in chusovskom pool the Dolphin - from - for decay of a bearing beam. The stone one-storeyed building with wooden overlappings in which the school 89 is located, has been constructed in 1964. Since then in it never was major repairs, truth, the cosmetic four years ago has been made. The sports hall roof has failed in 10. 30 mornings when the ninth class had a physical culture lesson. As have told in local management GO and CHS, physical hands Lyudmila Koteva, having heard a crash over a head, at once has built schoolboys along a wall, and the basic wooden beam has failed, having touched nobody. After that the teacher has deduced ninth-graders from a building through an emergency exit. Within next ten minutes in a hall three of four basic beams that has caused a collapse of a part of ceiling overlapping have failed. The collapse total area, according to experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, has made about 50 sq. m. of Employment at school it was necessary to cancel. 120 pupils, most likely, will be translated in other school of settlement which is calculated on 600 pupils and is filled only half.
On a scene the governor of edge Oleg Chirkunov and experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has taken off by the helicopter. In regional Office of Public Prosecutor have declared that at school works operatively - an investigation team under the direction of zamprokurora Alexander Belyh`s edges. inspectors find out, from - for what there was a collapse and whether there is in it a fault of officials of school, technical supervision or other departments, - have declared in Office of Public Prosecutor. - Already it is now clear that the building was in an emergency condition and to conduct lessons in sports hall it was impossible . In Office of Public Prosecutor have not excluded that after studying of all circumstances of state of emergency criminal case upon a negligence and inadequate execution of professional duties will be brought. However, it is not clear yet whom on these articles to involve.
in regional administration have informed that, according to preliminary data, the reason of a collapse of a beam - its decay.
we will remind that it is the second incident in Prikamye for last month connected with a collapse of a roof in public buildings. On December, 4th in Chusovom the pool roof " has failed; the Dolphin 14 persons, including ten children as a result were lost. In this connection city administration of Krasnokamsk where too there is a pool the Dolphin it is recommended to suspend its activity. In the pool which has opened in 1972, a number of serious defects - both in the bowl of pool, and in the engineering equipment has been revealed. Major repairs and serious inspection of a building were not spent - have informed in a press - city administration service.
yesterday the public prosecutor of edge Alexander Kondalov has made the order to public prosecutors of cities and areas of the Perm edge about immediate check of technical safety of all child care centres. Checks will spend the special commissions where besides employees of Office of Public Prosecutor builders and representatives strojnadzora will enter. In Office of Public Prosecutor also have noticed that in the light of the latest developments connected with chusovskoj by tragedy, law enforcement bodies will make investigation quickly and will concern to guilty of a negligence extremely rigidly .