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KrasAir have relieved from responsibility

Yesterday UFAS across Krasnoyarsk region has stopped business in relation KrasAir, item 5 of the Law accused of infringement “ About a competition “ (abusing the managing subject a leading position in the market). Krasnoyarsk pilots have entered an interdiction of booking of the tickets for Open Company “ the Aviaexpress train “ however actually sale was conducted. “ the aviaexpress train “ used for this purpose possibilities interline - agreements KrasAir with “ Pulkovo “ and “ Dalavia “. As a result it was not possible to prove fault of Krasnoyarsk airline. In a press - to service Krasnoyarsk UFAS yesterday have declared removal of action concerning KrasAir in connection with an absence of proof of fault of airline. “ the representative of Open Company “ the Aviaexpress train “ could not give that documentary acknowledgement that KrasAir has refused to firm booking renewal. In UFAS copies of the faxes have arrived only, which businessmen directed to the airline address, but they cannot serve as high-grade proofs. In this connection the decision on phase-out on business " was accepted; - chief specialist UFAS Vasily Prohorenko has noted.

interesting circumstances of business Meanwhile were during the investigation opened. Though Open Company “ the Aviaexpress train “ also it has been refused direct booking of tickets KrasAir, the firm all the same realised air tickets of Krasnoyarsk airline. It occurred thanks to “ the Aviaexpress train “ possibilities interline - agreements which KrasAir has signed with airlines “ Pulkovo “ and “ Dalavia “. Interline - transfer transportations with the assistance of different airlines. The conclusion interline - agreements allows participants to involve the additional passenger. Besides, it to conveniently passenger - in one cash desk is bought one ticket for a transfer route (for example, from Khabarovsk it is possible to depart to Moscow under one ticket interline - partners, only having changed Krasnoyarsk aboard the plane KrasAir, Krasnoyarsk flying on a route - Moscow). In turn interline - the agent (in this case Open Company “ the Aviaexpress train “) Has possibility, having concluded the contract from one of airlines of participants of the agreement, to sell on its form tickets of other company (without having with it the contract). As has declared yesterday a source „“ in KrasAir, the reason of closing of a line of booking of tickets for Open Company “ the Aviaexpress train “ there was use by businessmen of possibilities interline - agreements. “ similar actions break our resource of places on own flights. Using the similar scheme, “ the Aviaexpress train “ can reserve all tickets for a direction Krasnoyarsk - Moscow. Besides, it is unprofitable to us in connection with a conclusion from a turn of considerable volume of means for long time “ - has added a source.

as it was possible to find out „“, “ the Aviaexpress train “ uses the similar scheme for reception of the commission from sold tickets KrasAir from “ Dalavia “ and “ Pulkovo “. “ To these airlines cooperation with " is favourable; the Aviaexpress train “. KrasAir does not hurry up to return them the money received from sale of tickets for flights to St.-Petersburg or Khabarovsk (the amount of debt makes some tens millions roubles. - „“). They, probably, do not want to be engaged vybivaniem debts, here and use “ the Aviaexpress train “ which wins back a current situation on a direction Krasnoyarsk - Moscow. As a matter of fact, KrasAir should in this connection itself to address in UFAS, but does not do it, preferring to accumulate accounts payable “ - has declared yesterday „“ a source in UFAS.

to Receive the comment in “ the Aviaexpress train “ „“ yesterday it was not possible. It was not possible to communicate and with the representative “ Dalavia “. In a press - service “ Pulkovo “„ “Yesterday have refused to make comments on circumstances considered in UFAS affairs.