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Yesterday a management of Severo - the Western branch of Open Society the Megaphone on a press - the conference devoted to transition of the operator since January, 1st, 2006 on rouble tariffing, has made a startler. The general director of branch Alexander Volkov has directly informed what to define shares of the market of the cellular companies on number of subscribers after cellular communication penetration into a city has passed for 100 %, senselessly. Thus, mister Volkov the first of a top - managers of cellular operators operating in St.-Petersburg has openly doubted that one of key indicators of their work reflects a real picture of an event in the market. Number of subscribers of the cellular company - parametre, especially important for those operators, whose actions are quoted at a stock exchange as branch investors are guided by it. The volume of user`s base influences and consumer image of the company. Therefore it is no wonder that between leaders of the cellular market Vympelcom and Mobile telesystems whose actions bargain on the American securities market, some years there is a struggle for the right to name the largest operator of Russia on number of subscribers. For branch analysts the quantity of subscribers too is an important indicator: on it shares of the market among players are traditionally defined.
yesterday Alexander Volkov has directly informed that the reports of analysts made on the basis of the data about number of user`s bases, any more do not reflect a real picture of an event in the Petersburg market. Really, according to the official statistics, the number of subscribers (SIM - cards) in Petersburg already has exceeded quantity of townspeople and continues to increase by 14 %. There is it from - that players is artificial is inflated by the bases: The user who for one hour has uttered a limit free SIM - cards with money for the account, received during the marketing action, can from several months about one year be considered as the subscriber of the cellular operator. in Petersburg a gain of users provide now all about 500 thousand persons which run from one operator to another, participating in marketing actions. Therefore reports on the basis of quantity of users do not reflect a situation in the market - mister Volkov has declared yesterday.
that the shares of the market calculated on the basis of number of subscribers, give not absolutely objective picture of an event in the market, indicators Tele2 and " well illustrate; Skajlinka . Now, according to the official reporting, Tele2 occupies about 6 % of the market of Petersburg, whereas Skajlink - all about 2 %. However, by data, operators have a comparable gain. Therefore in the Megaphone Consider as more correct to calculate shares on financial indicators, instead of on subscribers. It is curious that with a position a top - the manager the Megaphone indirectly agree both competitors, and analysts. to consider subscribers after penetration of services has exceeded 100 percent, really absurdly. Probably, would be more correct, considering total number of subscribers, simultaneously to analyze and number of active users - those who for accounting month has used though one paid service - the general director of the Petersburg branch of Open Society " has informed; Vympelcom Igor Zarudnev. Number of subscribers really very conditional indicator. And not casually top - the manager ` the Megaphone ` the first has openly told about it. On financial indicators (ARPU and a gain) this company is in the lead in Petersburg - analyst J`son and Partners Boris Ovchinnikov considers.
On number of subscribers in Petersburg a share Megaphone for this year, on the contrary, has decreased - from 43 % on the beginning of current year to 38,7 % for November. Probably therefore, analyst ACM - Consulting Elena Sajapina considers, the company management and prefers to speak about financial indicators. the operator always wants to consider only that to it is favourable. And we consider and such technique " will consider shares of the market of the companies taking into account quantity of subscribers, at us; - madam Sajapina speaks. However, she too recognises that investors already practically do not pay attention to a gain of subscribers in Russia, more being guided by financial successes of operators. In particular, MTS, repeatedly this year distributing almost free of charge the SIM - cards with money for the account and involving thus new subscribers, has already paid for the activity. Actions of the operator after the announcement of results of work in the third quarter have fallen in price on 10 %.
According to mister Ovchinnikova, transition to a new method of calculation of shares of the market is interfered by cellular operators, including and the Megaphone . MTS and ` Vympelcom ` is disclosed by results only through one - two months after the termination of quarter, and ` the Megaphone ` prepares the reporting even longer. As to financial indicators of work of regional branches, it in general the classified information - he speaks. Madam Sajapina specifies what to compare operators on financial indicators difficult also from - that at each of them the borders of regions in which territory branches work. For example, the Republic Komi does not enter in Severo - the Western branch the Megaphone . And nevertheless the analytical companies already refuse calculations of shares of players by quantity of subscribers. For example, in the report following the results of the third quarter of current year J`son and Partners have defined a picture of the market proceeding from a gain of operators.

Three roubles on the account
Yesterday Severo - the Western branch of Open Society the Megaphone declared transfer since January, 1st, 2006 of system of the account, tariffing and calculations of cost of services from US dollars on roubles. In the night from December, 31st, 2005 for January, 1st, 2006 all quotations in existing contract tariff plans of a network the Megaphone will be translated in roubles at a Central Bank rate of the Russian Federation for December, 1st, 2005. All additional services will be nominated also in roubles. Besides it, on January, 1st, 2006 the Megaphone will offer subscribers a new ruler of tariff plans the prices for a telecommunication service in which also will be presented in roubles taking into account the VAT. Subscribers of existing dollar tariff plans can use them and henceforth, but the information on payments, balance of the personal account and cost of services will be given in roubles. Rouble tariffing is transparent, - commercial director Severo - the Western branch of Open Society " makes comments; the Megaphone Nikolay Demenchuk. - She will allow subscribers to trace more accurately expenses for communication and to supervise balance. Mobile communication payment will not differ now from other items of expenditure of the family budget .