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Around Obuhovsky factory shuganulo

Yesterday in Neva the water level has sharply risen. Objects of two areas have got to a zone of possible flooding - Kolpino and Neva. In Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures (GU the Ministries of Emergency Measures) St.-Petersburg have informed that the situation is under control and the elements do not represent danger but have not excluded that the next days the water level can raise. while has flooded nobody, - the employee has informed a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Petersburg Andrey Alyabyev. - we have fixed at night rising of water to 360 sm, and a critical mark - 400 water see Now has gone on recession . Climatic features became the reason of flooding in this winter as rescuers explain. From - for warm weathers in the rivers it was formed shuga (small ice) which has created on the river of a dam and blocks a water free wheeling.
In Kolpino area five private houses and the old cemetery, the rivers of Izhora located in a coastal part have got to a zone of probable flooding. The chief of Kolpino department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Vladimir Devjatkin has declared: places for time residing of people and a stock of products are Just in case already prepared. As to a cemetery dangers of ecological accident are not present, we already discussed this situation with health officers of Rospotrebnadzora .
In administration of the Neva area have informed that in a zone of possible flooding there was 21 object, first of all eight enterprises, including Open Society Obuhovsky factory flour-grinding industrial complex the Neva mill two factories ZHBI and thermal power station #5. Yesterday directors of these enterprises have instructed on the regional commission on emergency situations. Conditions did not cause fears. So, in Open Society Obuhovsky factory have declared: Neither our factory, nor next not zataplivaet . At the moment of preparation of the publication the water level remained 303 on a mark Neva see last year rose much above - to 405 sm above a normal level that has led to flooding of some streets and quays.