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Skill you will not punch

Yesterday names of 23 players which the trainer`s staff of Canadian national team has selected for participation in February Olympic tournament became known. The Olympic champions have counted on the checked up and skilled hockey players. Young stars have not got to structure at once some.
ceremony of announcement of structures of Olympic teams (also surnames of 23 players of a female Olympic team yesterday have been named) was for Canada event of day. That is why all has been arranged as the present show. It has passed in Vancouver. Leaders named a surname of the Olympian, and there and then to the applause on a scene the boy or the girl in a sweater of Canadian national team with its surname on a back rose. Translation went all over the country. The general manager of a national team Wayne Grettski behind who was last word at structure definition is present at ceremony could not: on Monday at it mother ill by a cancer has died. But its assistant Kevin Law has read the message from it. The main trainer Pet Queen and its assistants (all of them operating trainers of clubs NHL) communicated with present by means of a space bridge.

the first had been named goalkeepers. And any of three surnames has not surprised. Experts even before ceremony have calculated that the post number one will be entrusted checked up on many tournaments, to stable Martin Broderu from New Jersey Devils. Has experience of performances for Canadian national team and goalkeeper Florida Panthers of Roberto Ljuongo. As to the third guard of gate - Marti Turko it has simply excellent begun with Dallas Stars this season.

without unexpectedness that part of ceremony during which time surnames of defenders appeared has managed also. Has a little surprised public only that only the last had been named Ed Zhovanovski. But organizers of show, it appears, have made it deliberately: ZHovanovski plays Vancouver Canucks.

And only the list of the attacking has caused disputes and discussions. Absence as a part of three most known young players - Sidni of Crosby, Eric Staala and Dzhejsona Spetstsy became the present sensation. The first number of last draught of Crosby struggling with Alexander Ovechkinym for a rank of the best beginner of a season, publicly recommended Mario Leme who has refused participation in the Olympic Games from - for problems with health two weeks ago. Staal and Spetstsa occupy in the list bombardirov the present regular championship accordingly the fourth and sixth places. The first besides also the leader among snipers.

the agent of Crosby present at ceremony Pet Brisson there and then has expressed bewilderment concerning discrimination of youth and has warned that in the Canadian hockey there can be a conflict of generations. Its ward, by the way, is not present even in the list spare, that is those players who will be included in a command if someone from the basic structure is traumatised. This list included Staal, Spetstsa and defender Bryan Makkejb. But among 23 selected players - captain Phoenix Coyotes who, as it is known, trains Grettski, Chris Drejper who has scored in a season only one goal, Shejn Doun which have thrown only six washers, and also Todd Bertutstsi who has deliberately put two years ago the hardest trauma to Steve Moore and has been disqualified by league for two years. Analyzing structure, it is easy to draw a conclusion that the rate is made on the checked up shots. 21 from 23 players of the team acted or on last World Cup, or on the Olympic Games in Solt - Lejk - City. In both tournaments Maple leaves have won.

the figure of forward Edmonton Oilers of Rajana Smith is indicative thereupon. In 28 matches of the present regular championship it has typed 25 points that is a little for the player of a national team of Canada. But Smith took part in seven World championships, the previous Olympic Games and last World Cup.

It is possible to add also that the checked up and skilled players at Canadians more than 23 that is why behind a board of the plane which in February will depart to Italy, should remain anyway not only young stars, but also some age authoritative hockey players. Has not carried Brendanu Shenahenu, to Polu Karii, Alex Tengueju, Mark Savaru, Patrick Marlo and still at least ten hockey players of very high level.

yesterday named the 23 Olympians also federations of Kazakhstan and Germany. Skeleton of the Kazakhstan command was made by players of the Russian superleague. Enhaelovtsev only two. He/she is forward Toronto Maple Leafs Nikolay Antorov and young goalkeeper Vitaly Kolesnik recently debuting in structure Colorado Avalanche. As a part of German national team which is trained by the owner of the Cup Stanley Uve Krupp, legionaries from - for ocean seven. However, only three from them have behind shoulders serious experience of performance in NHL - goalkeeper Olaf Koltsig and attacking Johan Heht and Marko Storm. The trainer`s staff of Russian national team of 23 Olympians names today.