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Romanticism with fight

In the Big hall of conservatory Sergey Rakhmaninov`s Third concert has played the well-known pianist Eliso Virsaladze. To its courage has admired COOKING - turova.
Eliso Virsaladze plays the Big hall many times in a season already some tens years. The in itself fact of its performance cannot surprise, but the intrigue this time was in a product choice. Rakhmaninov`s third concert though is most that on is a romantic concert - a favourite genre of the pianist, nevertheless differs from its usual repertoire. Not to compare it, say, to Schuman`s concert which became for a long time the card of madam Virsaladze, neither on technical complexity, nor on level of passions, on relevancy of a place taken in musical culture. For this reason news that Eliso Virsaladze will play Third Rah as in a musical party name the given masterpiece, it is simple - taki deafened.

It is necessary to tell that expectations were not that that too iridescent. It has been connected at all with claims concerning the performer. More likely with the accompaniment, playing Rakhmaninov`s concerts almost an equal role with the soloist. The state academic symphonic orchestra under control of Pavel Kogana is not included into number of strong Moscow orchestras and surprise anybody this time could not. Problems have begun with the first steps when it was found out that from Pavel Kogana and actually the soloist, to put it mildly, different representations about rate of executed product. The sensation stirred it to public and the pianist, but, probably, delivered any sadomazohistskoe pleasure to the conductor. Eliso Virsaladze continually was necessary to wait that to catch up with an orchestra that hardly could promote its musicality or high pathos of a concert of Rakhmaninov.

it was necessary to abstract only from an orchestra and to concentrate on the pianist. Already the first notes, the well-known theme in an octave, one of the best melodies in the musical literature, has begun to sound in the version of Eliso Virsaladze in any painfully slow rate, considerably and globally. It seemed even that pathos it would be possible and to reduce, but it was found out later that all to the uniform note, intonation and idea of madam Virsaladze absolutely obosnovanny. The cutting hearing pathos of the beginning of the first part spoke simply and touchingly - idea of struggle, not separable from romanticism as directions in art. This struggle has been brilliantly won by the pianist, but no doubt lost by the romantic hero rahmaninovskogo a concert - than still it is possible to explain that difference between a theme in the beginning and in the end of a part when it has sounded obessilenno, apathetically and hopelessly.

on idea after such first part it would not be desirable already anything else to listen. Forces was not. But it has appeared that the fight lost by that romantic hero in the first part as in a proverb, at all does not mean the lost war. It has appeared that two - three intonations of Eliso Virsaladze can force you almost instantly and hardly probable not for 180 degrees to change own mood, impression of its game and reaction to executed music. Unlike many pianists playing this concert as quintessence of human passions, the pianist coolly and precisely as in oriental combat sports, manipulated a hall.

All concert of Eliso Virsaladze continued to struggle - with an orchestra, with the most complicated material and for the hero. In its game by much for certain there was no sensuality or lyric poets. But to be at war, as they say, it is necessary with cold mind. The mood which to it managed to be created, operated where more strongly a sentimentality. The pianist as a result has won not only public, an orchestra, the author and an executed material, but also passion.