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in the biography of Russian crooner Leonid Agutin took place Two years ago the self-affirmation moment on international scene. It has let out an English-speaking album Cosmopolitan Life which made moderate success in Europe. The second name on a cover became the keystone to success - Is scarlet di Meola. Following the results of the project a great American fusion - the guitarist has entered the Russian colleague into elite of a world jazz not so much or, for example, has provided to its album huge sales, how many itself for any time the priest - life has joined in Russian. It was pleasant to see the intoxicated master under the handle with pair beauties, say, in Jurmala on to the New wave or in the Moscow casino. As to reaction of the Russian public on Cosmopolitan Life as well as mister Agutin predicted, for it the disk has appeared slozhnovat . Meanwhile it, certainly, the best that the musician has written down in the life. Further there were two ways - to move towards western the priest - the jazz market, confidently losing popularity here, or to be developed faced to domestic audience, to aunts for forty which for the present love the Barefoot boy and his wife Anzheliku.

the Album Love, road, grief and pleasure ( Kvadro ) - Meeting of the songs written for these two years. To the first of them to public has been shown brisk the country - a bagatelle On the way to the south the animated roller on which actively enough turned on TV and as a result has covered musical advantages of a song, worthy to rank with the old insurgent of mister Agutin the Steamship . Then there was a magnificent duet with Vladimir Presnyakov - ml. the airports . Under the form it there was a high-grade fate - a hymn of which from two bottoms - veterans precisely was not expected by aunts loving them and as which precisely were not ready to consider the listeners Our radio . And at last, more recently Leonid Agutin has started in an aether the next duet with spouse Anzhelikoj Varum - Two roads, two destinies . In this song couplets in tropical style peculiar to mister Agutin adjoin to absolutely Soviet refrains on a melody. Mister Agutin needed into the text to insert a line like Two roads, two ways as if in a plait braid... Two tracks nehozheny, two destinies similar... as if and without them for the singer do not wait among the most authentic participants Songs of year .

Love, road, grief and pleasure - record which looks as the conflict between the strange, solar drive strengthened by experience with It is scarlet di Meoloj and desire not to lose public of the Sochi concert platforms and zakaznikov in oil regions. In songs Toys do not leave far Rubbish and the Lullaby it is clearly audible, as in the author the domestic variety actor and the jazzman with the European claims struggle. In Read between lines and to Women the first wins an unconditional victory. In perepevke the Winter cherry From repertoire of Anzheliki Varum unexpectedly wins the second. In a cover - versions of a song of Luchio Dally Caruso`s Memories the victory is gained by Sting - Leonid Agutin has written down a known melody absolutely in the spirit of it La Belle Dame Sans Regrets . The most surprising that all this struggle remains, seemingly, invisible to the world. An album Love, road, grief and pleasure has appeared on counters without any PR - supports, without a press - conferences and presentations. Russian of bottoms - actors before all have understood that CD release today something an average between a symbolical duty and becoming obsolete tradition. And than to spend forces for its advertising, it is better to keep them for New Year trees.

fanatically betrayed to precepts of British singer Morrissi Muscovites from group Adler have let out the second album which is called Filmed in Audio (Adler Records). The disk was not entered in traditional history about Syndrome of the second album has not left sensation of melancholy self-repetitions against a successful debut Love Airlines (2006). Despite frank imitation of Morrissi, Roxy Music, to Mark Almondu and Depeche Mode in a performing manner, Adler could compose on - to the present original melodies and texts. Probably, Adler - last romanticist on a domestic scene. Songs Evidence and Antifreeze could count on the first places in Russian indi - charts if such existed. On Filmed in Audio it is perfectly audible that one and a half year, the past after occurrence Love Airlines have passed in experiments. Here there are academic string passages, electronic both choral samples and other beauty. But main there is a melody. Adler as if composes own the Disco 80 - h such on which it would be not a shame to dance neither to them, nor their listeners. Only here all activity Adler has in our corner of the world no any prospect. All songs are written down in English. Sense in doing concessions to the market, musicians do not see: on Love Airlines there were two Russian-speaking hits, but interest to too refined sound Adler on domestic radio - and TV channels was shown by anybody. And in England same a pond prudi. It is necessary to play the pleasure, without thinking at all of the market. History Adler is similar that occurs to not less talented command My rockets upwards (see from August, 4th), only music at group Adler to Russian mass taste nevertheless is closer also than chances to find the listener outside of capital clubs at it more.