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Mix Brazilian with Nizhniy Novgorod

Musicians of Nizhniy Novgorod collective Uma2rmaH at the full notice have presented on a scene of MKhAT of a name Bitter the new program Where result dreams . At a meeting of bottoms - fate and a jazz there was BORIS - DRUMS.
the program has received a name Where result dreams under the name of a videoclip which group Uma2rmaH did not give on musical TV channels but only has hung out on the Internet. Well matched minimalistichnoj to colour scale of this videoclip the design of a scene doroninskogo MHATa has been organised also. A black back, strict white vertical portieres and the musicians dressed in monophonic - dark. Over a scene at different height as if UFOS from old fantastic films, soared four white lamp shades - here and all scenery.

Brothers Sergey and Vladimir Kristovsky accompanied by the colleagues on group have decided to play in the beginning of show some songs from new, third album Uma2rmaH which just now registers. Evening was opened by a song Che Guevara`s Last fight - energetic enough number in style latino. Has sounded also shansonnyj number Paris reminded arrangement the Aquarium the end 80 - h - the beginnings 90 - h - with an in the lead violoncello and a synthesizer representing an accordion. For Paris group have strengthened violoncellist Borislav Strulevym. Performed by a song the Letter Mind Igor Butman has taken part. A jazz - fatal a code, representing tool duel of mister Butman and guitarist Uma2rmaH Yury Terletsky, became unexpectedness for spectators. And without that loyal to group public has burst in an ovation. As a whole the first branch of a concert has been given serious To songs of a command, which, despite presence among the main hits of sad number to Say goodbye in mass consciousness in a greater degree associates with daring smash hits Praskovja Mind of Turman and Night watch .

In general, songs of which the program has been made, it is possible to divide into three groups conditionally: latino - a jazz, kind bardovskaja a song in the spirit of Oleg Mityaev and fate. Fate - numbers have gone right to collective worst of all, especially in the second branch when the sound on a scene began to bring obviously, and the leader of a command Vladimir Kristovsky during any moment admitted that has strained a voice. Thus, it was necessary to find out only, what of two stylistics peculiar to collective what of two soundings will win: a mix promoting dances Brazilian with Nizhniy Novgorod or pathetic singing under an acoustic guitar for which quality of a vocal completely not important, and feelings are important.

the Second branch has begun with the excellent new insurgent the Refrain is not present . For execution of dancing hits Uma2rmaH has involved, without exaggeration, the best forces of the Russian jazz. During a song Praskovja to Uma2rmaH participants of a jazz orchestra of brothers of Ivanovs - saxophonist Anton Rumjantsev and trumpeter Vadim Ejlenkrig whom in jazz circles name " have joined; Russian Chris Botti . Misters Kristovsky have a little slowed down a rhythm Praskovi also have played the main hit as a bossa nova.

but the most impressing there was an interpretation well-known repovogo numbers which has been written Uma2rmaH for a film caption Night watch . Here on a scene there was all structure of an orchestra of brothers of Ivanovs, including brilliant drummer Dmitry Sevastyanov. The part of quatrains was read by participant Comedy Club Timur Rodriguez. All impressive accompanying structure has tried to organise for a recitative of misters Kristovsky and Rodriguez weighty fankovyj accompaniment. Here have threatened obviously not less than on something in the spirit of James Brown`s orchestra, but in the nature of group Uma2rmaH ineradicable sloppiness, and " is put; ideal fankovyj number has not developed. It funk under the motto " was faster; inharmoniously . But that in a case with other structures would be an occasion to amicable whistle, in situation Uma2rmaH looked as - that even nicely.

Vladimir Kristovsky added to a charm concert, from time to time reading spectator notes in the manner of Michael Zadornov. Well - nibud like: you on Bottom miss? And how it is frequent? - We miss. But it is not frequent . And not that that the actor as - that dezhurno is witty on all questions answered, but the idea such interaktiva, unusual for the majority of colleagues Uma2rmaH, certainly, compensated many performing flaws. Disarmed also sincerity frontmena: We in general - that at theatres not so like to act, all of us it is more in clubs small and on corporate parties . It is known that Uma2rmaH - one of the most demanded on zakaznikah commands, but it is necessary to have still boldness to admit it from a scene.

eventually the author`s song has won dances. The concert finished the magic version of a song to Say goodbye in which the pipe carried on dialogue with a violoncello, and for pushchego lyricism to a scene have invited the harpist. Despite all jazz and fankovyj revelry, a concert nevertheless was remembered first of all by this number moreover a modest romance from Stanislav Govorukhin`s new film the Passenger Which Vladimir Kristovsky has executed one to the guitar.