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novosibirtsy have moved for Vladimir Putin

In Novosibirsk it is created and has developed rough activity public movement For Putin! . Past Thursday initiators of its creation have spent the constituent assembly, and already today promised to hold meeting in city centre which should collect 50 thousand persons. Active workers among whom it is a lot of heads of public organisations and simply known people, assert that thus had an opportunity to express sincere solidarity with Vladimir Putin and its course. At the same time political opponents of the president say that to them complaints from novosibirtsev which force have already arrived to participate in meeting. The constituent assembly of new movement For Putin! has passed on Thursday in the Chamber hall of the Novosibirsk philharmonic society. In a role of organizers and ideological inspirers the taken places in presidium the chairman of a board of guardians of regional branch of the Russian children`s fund, the spouse of governor Victor Tolokonsky Natalia Tolokonsky, the head of Inter-regional association of heads of the enterprises (MARP) Yury Bernadsky and the chairman of the Union of the Novosibirsk student`s organisations Michael Kamayev have acted. As the mister Bernadsky has informed, they three officially are founders of the organisation.
the reference to inhabitants of the Novosibirsk region became a meeting result. In it it is said that since 2000 in region there were serious positive changes : At us more than industrial production has increased by 80 %, is created in addition almost 50 thousand Workplaces, in three with superfluous time the volume of investments, more has grown than in eight times incomes of the consolidated budget have grown, on rates of housing construction Novosibirsk ranks with Moscow . Authors of the reference are assured that today there is a problem not only to keep, but also to make active all positive tendencies and therefore we express solidarity to Vladimir Vladimirovichu Putin and we consider: despite the decision strictly to follow Constitutions, it and should possess further all powers which will promote its activity as the leader of the country . The reference comes to an end with instructions that elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation become on December, 2nd a referendum about Vladimir Putin`s support as the national leader for years forward . At meeting it has been declared the decision of some public organisations to spend on October, 27th meeting in support of Vladimir Putin. According to Michael Kamayev, in it should take part about 50 thousand persons.
as mister Kamayev has assured , the idea to create movement has arisen absolutely naturally. we communicated through Public chamber with various public organisations and have decided to unite. I personally non-party, but me would be desirable to support the president and its course - the student`s leader has told. The mister Bernadsky has expressed hope that the majority of members MARP with approval will concern idea and the movement purpose. each member of association adheres to the sights, but I want to tell that many consist of them in party an United Russia or are its supporters - Yury Bernadsky gave reason. Personally I intend to visit in the near future about 30 enterprises and the organisations, to visit some areas of area, to meet people and to explain to them that occurs in the country and why we for Putin - general director MARP has informed.
United Russia party members have met creation of movement with approval. now goes conversations on our president, and, probably, correctly much that such movement " was created; - has told zamrukovoditelja fractions an United Russia in a Novosibirsk regional council Sergey Titkov. According to mister Titkova, movement will help a society to understand how the country will develop and as there will be Vladimir Putin`s further destiny.
Deputy-communist Andrey Zhirnov has noticed that to create movements in support of this or that initiative is a constitutional law of citizens . However, in its opinion, that such movement arises in elections when Vladimir Vladimirovicha`s certain cult starts to be formed, causes certain fears, especially if to look at structure . It basically Novosibirsk elite, and imperious - representatives of ruling layers of our area. For what purpose it is created - obviously to help an United Russia on these elections in the State Duma - mister Zhirnov does not doubt.
Mister Zhirnov has told that in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation numerous signals about administrative pressure upon people arrive, force to participate in movement meeting For Putin! . In edition yesterday have transferred a copy of the telegramme addressed to heads of divisions of the West Siberian railway with instructions to organise participation in meeting of workers and veterans of collectives, members of their families . Judging by this document, on meeting 60 representatives from road hospital, 30 - from " wait, for example; Novosibirsk-main thing and it is etc. curious that the telegramme is sent on October, 24th, that is one days prior to movement creation For Putin! .
Polina Dobrolyubov, Yury Belov, Novosibirsk