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  Party life the Governor of Kamchatka has entered in “ an United Russia “ the First governor of the Kamchatka edge Alexey Kuzmitsky became a member “ an United Russia “ on the past yesterday VIII All-Russia congress. Also g - n Kuzmitsky will head the list of United Russia party members of Kamchatka on elections in the State Duma on December, 2nd, 2007. We will remind, in the end of May Alexey Kuzmitsky has been confirmed by members of parliament of Kamchatka and Korjakii as the head of administration of incorporated Kamchatka edge. Earlier Alexey Kuzmitsky held a post vitse - the governor, the head of department concerning local government of the device of regional administration.
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  Inspection Yury Trutnev will personally check up “ Sakhalin - 2 “ the Minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev in November plans to visit Sakhalin for check of results of elimination of infringements within the limits of the project “ Sakhalin - 2 “. The minister has informed On it on a press - conferences in Moscow. As he said, then visually it will be visible, as the deposit accustoms, the damage is eliminated or not.
In 2005 of Open Society “ Gazprom “ and Shell have begun negotiations about occurrence of the Russian company in the project. During the same time Shell has declared that intend to increase the estimate of expenses for realisation of the second stage of the project from $12 mlrd to $20 billion Russia has opposed increases in these expenses, so and against reduction of profit on project realisation. After Rosprirodnadzor has revealed on “ Sakhalin - 2 “ a number of infringements at building of pipelines. In the middle of April, shortly before transaction closing on occurrence “ Gazprom “ in “ Sakhalin - 2 “ Rosprirodnadzor and MPR have accepted “ for a basis under condition of the further detailed completions and updatings “ the plan - the schedule of nature protection actions for elimination of remarks and department requirements. In the near future “ Gazprom “ should give in MPR the plan of nature protection actions calculated for all period of action of the project.
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  Oil refining Khabarovsk NPZ reconstructs Spanish Tecnicas ReunidasÈñïàíñêàÿ inzhiniringovaja company Tecnicas Reunidas under the agreement with the oil company “ the Alliance “ has started designing of a new complex of hydroprocesses for the Khabarovsk oil refining factory. The project as have informed in NK, includes designing, acquisition and building of all technological installations of a complex. Hydroclearing, hydrogen manufacture, regeneration concern them amina, otparka acidic water and rekuperatsija sulfurs gidrokreking. In work of installations high technologies under licences inzhiniringovyh companies Shell Global Solution, Foster Wheeler, Technip - KTI will be applied.
Tecnicas Reunidas - one of large international contractors on designing and building in oil and gas sector, petrochemistry and power. The company is ready to carry out the project for 39 months. Its cost is estimated over $800 million Realization of the project of reconstruction will allow to let out over 1,5 million t in a year nizkosernistyh diesel fuel and kerosene with observance of the international market specifications. The total power of the reconstructed factory will make 4,5 million t in a year.
Ivan Kvashnin

  nedropolzovanie “ Polymetal “ has lowered pribylchistyj Open Society loss “ Polymetal “ in January-June has made $7,7 million against $27 million net profit for the first half of the year 2006. About it it is told in the message extended by the company. The gain for the accounting period has decreased on 5 % - to $139 million, silver sales were reduced to 3 % (to 261,27) after decrease in manufacture of the given precious metal on 7 %. From the realised silver nearby 18,6 t have been got by the company at the third parties at the market price for execution of obligations under forward contracts with ABN Amro Bank. Gold sales for the accounting period have decreased on 18 % after manufacture falling on 3 %. Thus “ Polymetal “ keeps the forecast of manufacture for 2007: 497,6-559,8 t silver and 7,15-7,77 t gold. “ financial results for six months 2007 were not impressing of - for the worst, than it was expected, manufactures in the first quarter and silver deliveries under forward contracts at the price below market “ - the general director " has declared; Polymetal “ Vitaly Nesis which words are resulted in the message. “ we count on profitableness growth in the second half of the year 2007 at the expense of manufacture growth, and since 2008 we expect considerable growth and a gain, and profit after the beginning of sale of silver at the market price “ - has added g - n Nesis. In the end of 2007 expires contract period of validity “ Polymetal “ with ABN Amro according to which the company sells to bank silver at the fixed price.
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  the Auctions “ Dortehsnab “ will leave with molotkafond property of Primorski Territory will spend on October, 26th open auction on sale of 100 % of actions of Open Society “ Dorozhno - technical supply “ (Ussuriisk). As have informed in fund, application forms for participation in auction are accepted till October, 22nd. On the auctions 74,71 thousand ordinary actions of a society by face value 100 rbl. the Initial price of sale - 9,366 million rbl.
" is exposed; Dortehsnab “ specialises on rendering of road services, and also is engaged in agency activity on supply of branches of Open Society “ Primavtodor “ (the largest dorozhno - the building company of Primorski Krai). Accounts payable “ Dortehsnaba “ For July, 1st, 2007 before suppliers and contractors makes 634 thousand rbl., before the budget and off-budget funds - 782 thousand rbl.
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Lermontovsky GRK the managing director of Open Society " sells debitorskuju zadolzhennostkonkursnyj; the Lermontovsky mining company “ (LGRK) declared sale of a debt receivable of the company for a total sum of 308,5 million rbl. As have informed in Open Society, debts of debtors will be divided into two prizes. The first prize joins a debt receivable of 10 organisations for the sum of 22 million rbl., including Open Company “ Ustinvest “ (6,5 million rbl.) and Open Company “ Tungsten “ (4,8 million rbl.) Open Society GMK debt receivable is included in a prize ¹2 “ Dalpolimetall “ in the sum of 286,3 million rbl. Floor price of prizes is not established. Date of summarising of the auctions - on October, 4th.
LGRK - one of two Russian manufacturers of a tungsten concentrate (the second - Open Society “ Seaside GOK “) . The arbitration court of Primorski Territory has entered external management of the company in May, 2004. In the beginning of 2005 in its relation competitive management has been entered. Authorised capital stock LGRK makes 156 thousand rbl.
“ Interfax-Far East “

  Shots have translated the Khabarovsk public prosecutor on SahalinVchera the Sakhalin public prosecutor Sergey Besschasnyj has presented to collective of Office of Public Prosecutor of area of the new assistant. The senior adviser of justice, the public prosecutor of the Kirov area of Khabarovsk Vladimir Minigoraev became them. In conducting g - on Minigoraeva there will be questions of supervision of current legislation execution representative and government executive powers, local governments, bodies of control and officials, and also behind observance of constitutional laws and freedom of citizens.
earlier holding post of the first deputy of the regional public prosecutor Andrey Uglov in July has retired on a length of service then has started discharge of duties of the main court enforcement officer of Primorski Territory.
Victoria Ligaj

  Elections Kamchatka spravorossy were registered pervymikamchatskoe branch “ Fair Russia “ has submitted documents for participation in elections to Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka edge of the first convocation on December, 2nd. As yesterday have informed in time krajizbirkome, it while the unique party which has officially declared the intention to participate in elective campaign. “ this party has declared the participation in elections both on the general regional district, and on one-mandatory and multimandatory districts. Within three days documents will be checked by electoral committee then the question on assurance of the list of party " will be solved; - have told in electoral committee.
to Stand for edge Legislative Assembly on one-mandatory districts already have expressed desire of 25 persons. Documents acceptance from interested persons to participate in elections will come to the end on October, 6th.

  Incident the Run away convicts have caught in Primorski Krai and on SahalineVchera it became known about detention of the prisoners who have run away on September, 21st from ispravitelno - a labour colony in Amurske (Khabarovsk territory). According to employee UFSIN across Khabarovsk territory, together with fugitives the prospective accomplice who, probably, has helped them to run from a colony is detained also. “ in colony territory there was a car-care centre where prisoners repaired cars. The accomplice under the pretext of necessity of repair has called in there and has taken out two prisoners “ - representative UFSIN has told. One of run away - Dmitry Kim - is detained on September, 29th in Primorski Territory, the second fugitive - Artem Dubovenko - is detained on Sunday in the Sakhalin region. Their prospective accomplice is detained in a train in Ussuriisk of Primorski Territory. The regional Department of Internal Affairs and transport militia participated in operation on detention UFSIN. Concerning prisoners criminal case under item 313 ch is brought. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation (“ the Runaway made from places of imprisonment by a group of persons “), have informed yesterday in Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory. Punishment under this article (till five years of imprisonment) will be added to terms which prisoners left: Dubovenko Kim - by 11 years of a colony for creation of the armed group, manufacturing and storage of the weapon and theft has been sentenced to seven years for robbery, and.
as have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor, during checks in ITK ¹14 infringements, in particular, inadequate control over prisoners have been found out. Check materials will be directed in the near future to the Amur investigatory department for decision-making on excitation on these facts of criminal case under item 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ the Negligence “) . Against suspected of assistance to runaway of prisoners criminal case under item 33 ch is brought. 5 and item 313 ch. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation (“ Complicity in the runaway made from places of imprisonment by a group of persons “) .
Ivan Kvashnin

On diving boat TOF has thundered vzryvv result of explosion of a cylinder with oxygen the civil expert - a mechanic of a diving boat of Pacific fleet (TOF) was lost. As have informed „“ in a press - centre TOF, incident has occurred around a gulf of Arrows. Under the preliminary information, non-observance of safety precautions regulations at equipment of the diving equipment became a cause of the explosion.
Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok

  Debts Court enforcement officers have arrested herd svinejv the Big Stone (Primorski Territory) court enforcement officers have arrested at dolzhnitsy herd of pigs. As have informed „“ in regional management of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers, 43 - the summer inhabitant of the Big Stone is dolzhnitsej on 26 executive manufactures. A debt total sum which included the delayed bank credits, tax payments and administrative penalties, - 2,241 million rbl. “ The woman was engaged in trading business, but was ruined. When court enforcement officers were to it in the house have seen that any property which could be realised on account of debt repayment, no. Only 12 pigs in a shed “ - have told in management. As a result arrest has been put them. However, to take out pigs police officers did not become, having left at the mistress on responsible storage. To the ruined businesswoman 10 days on a solution of a problem of repayment of a debt are taken away. All this time she is obliged to feed and look after the arrested animals. If the debt is not extinguished, pigs will be transferred the authorised organisation realising arrested property.
Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok

  the Declaration on intentions “ Kontinental Management “ searches for application to capacities Baikal TSBKOOO “ the Timber industry company „Kontinental Management“ “ (The KM, is included into holding “ the Base element “) Considers placing possibility on “ Baikalsk tselljulozno - paper industrial complex “ (BTSBK) additional manufactures after start of the closed cycle of clearing and the termination of release of viscose cellulose in 2008. As Oksana Gorlova has told „“ the assistant to the general director of KM on public relations, the company has held an informal meeting with management Coca - Cola HBC Eurasia on which has offered “ to estimate, as far as possible to use the areas of industrial complex for water pouring “. “ Further while has gone nothing “ - has noted g - zha Gorlova. It has reminded that the KM co-operates with institute “ Sibgiprobum “ on project working out on release increase on BTSBK not bleached cellulose to 320 thousand t. The company counts on use of capacities BTSBK and in others, not connected with cellulose manufacture, the purposes. “ The KM considers different variants, including the pouring of water however any of them is not concretised yet “ - Oksana Gorlova has underlined.
Alexander Terentyev, Irkutsk

  Elections Communists have put forward kandidatovirkutsky obkom the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has put forward more than 280 candidates for participation in elections in local governments in region. As the first secretary Irkutsk obkoma has informed parties, the deputy of Legislative Assembly Sergey Levchenko, among them 42 candidates on posts of heads of settlements of the first level, 240 - in deputies of local thoughts. He has noticed that also is planned to support to considerable number of candidates which will be comparable to quantity put forward from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Thus g - n Levchenko has underlined that communists will support basically candidates - self-promoted workers. As to support of promoted workers from other parties, that, Sergey Levchenko has explained, the interdiction for such variant in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation does not exist, however each case is considered in an individual order.
elections of heads and deputies of representative bodies of local government in more than 340 city and rural settlements of area, and also mayors of Mamsko - Chujsky and Sljudjansky areas will pass on December, 2nd.
RIA “ the Siberian news “

  the Sentence Deputy directors of high school took with konoplejvchera the Central district court of Chita has sentenced 35 - the summer deputy director of high school of village Nurinsk (Mogojtujsky area, Aginsky Buryat autonomous region) Erdeni Munkueva to one year of conditional imprisonment with a six-monthly trial period for manufacturing and storage of narcotics (item 228 p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation). Under the version of the investigation, on July, 30th this year g - n Munkuev has broken some bushes of hemp around village Nurinsk and has prepared from it a mix of tobacco with a narcotic. Next day it has arrived to Chita, taking in itself 5 - a gramme envelope with this mix. The same day Erdeni Munkuev in a condition of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication has been detained by employees of management of Federal Agency of control over a turn of narcotics across the Chita region. During examination of personal things the envelope has been found out in the teacher with narcotic substance. Erdeni Munkuev completely recognised the fault and after consultation of the defender has submitted the petition for removal to it of a sentence without proceeding carrying out. The recognition became one of commuting circumstances at a punishment choice. Besides, the court has taken into consideration that fact that Erdeni Munkuev has the minor child, and also has considered puttelnuju the characteristic from Nurinsky high school.
Vladimir Kantemir, Chita