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Officials and builders change a living space

Till 2016 in Omsk on a place of shabby houses will be constructed more than 9 million in sq. m of habitation. The corresponding agreement was signed yesterday by the mayor of Omsk Victor Shrejder and heads of the building and investment companies. According to experts, so scale regeneration of available housing in the long term can lead to reduction of prices on real estate. In Omsk of habitation the mayor of Omsk Victor Shrejder has signed the agreement on building yesterday with 89 local both nonresident building and investment companies. New buildings will be erected on a place of shabby and emergency houses. free territories are settled. We have 2,9 thousand in hectare where shabby and emergency houses are located. Realisation of this program of regeneration till 2016 will allow us to enter 9,4 million in sq. m of new habitation - the main architect of Omsk Anatoly Til has counted up. Thus he has underlined that problems with an engineering infrastructure at builders will not be. Till December, 2007 we will finish work on the investment program where federal, regional, municipal budgets, and also means of investors will participate. We will provide platforms with an engineering-transport infrastructure - Anatoly Til has assured. How much powerful there will be a participation of budgets in financing of building of an engineering infrastructure, mister Til could not specify, as this question is still studied .
According to architecture and town-planning department, only 15 % of habitation in Omsk completely correspond to the sanitary code. Major repairs in Omsk demand more than 2,8 thousand apartment houses. From them 1,3 thousand are two- and three-storyed. On conditions of the city program of regeneration of quarters of shabby and emergency habitation, tenants move in new apartment houses, and the income of realisation of the remained apartments is received by the builder-investor. Builders one of the basic pluses of the agreement signed with the mayoralty name its long-term character. till now we even for a year did not build plans. Now there was a possibility to plan, at least, for five and more years. It will allow to use more rationally force, to conclude long-term contracts with suppliers - the general director of Open Company " has noticed; Flight and To Alexander Tarasov. Under its data, on a place of shabby barracks in Omsk houses in height from five to 16 floors will be erected. at moving we will give as much metres, how many was at the proprietor. If he wishes to add the area we will give it to it under the federal standard - 24, 8 thousand rbl. for sq. m. It it is favourable. Thus if the living space in the barracks, one- and two-storeyed houses makes to 15 thousand in sq. m we on this place will construct 100 thousand in sq. m - mister Tarasov has counted up. The general director of Joint-Stock Company Strojpodrjad - the Impulse Sergey Orkish believes that the regeneration program will allow to change the person of Omsk . At us as in one other city of Russia, the centre is built up by old houses. 60 % from them are a shabby and emergency habitation. Now we prepare for celebrating of the 300 anniversary of Omsk (in 2017. - ), and by this moment the city needs to be brushed and put in order - he has told.
according to realtors, erection of new buildings on a place of shabby houses in the long term can lead to habitation depreciation. to builders such agreement too is favourable - attractive sites to building in a city very little. Now 1 sq. m of new habitation in Omsk costs on the average 35 thousand rbl. If at the expense of great volumes of building it will turn out to reduce the price at least to 30 thousand rbl., it will fine warm up the market then apartments " can buy more people; - the assistant to the general director of Open Company " has noticed; the Variant Vyacheslav Dudar.
However experts notice that without participation of the federal budget building of an engineering infrastructure to local authorities and investors not to pull . Now everything that is under construction, put on old municipal networks. To realise the regeneration plan, new waterpipes, a sewer collector, treatment facilities are necessary, to substation and a heating system. All it will manage not less than in 43 mlrd rbl. - the former main architect of Omsk Albert Karimov has noticed. This opinion has divided and the deserved builder of Russia Yury Glebs. we only this year any more do not have 600 thousand in cubic m of water. Electric networks are necessary new both thermal, and. They are under construction, but without federal money this process not to accelerate. Means will try to receive under the 300 anniversary of Omsk. The chairman of committee on preparation for anniversary Herman Gref any more in the government, therefore I is not assured that will turn out. It is necessary though to try - Yury Glebs has noticed.
Anatoly Shestakov, Omsk