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Valery Sosnin has replaced the son at the head Kraso Yesterday the press-service of Novokuznetsk Open Company Kraso has informed that Valery Sosnin - the father of the founder and the permanent head of the company since 1993 of Oleg Sosnina became its new director. As informed , on October, 21st Oleg Sosnin was lost in an air crash of helicopter MD-600 in the south of the Kemerovo region. In the press-service message it is underlined that Valery Sosnin for many years holds supervising posts on mines and cuts of the Kemerovo region . To the place of the first deputy director Denis Nehoroshev who also remains the chief of department of maintenance " is appointed; Kraso . According to the new head Kraso the company intends to follow the accepted strategy of development - dynamically to expand company influence in the Siberian and Far East region, opening new branches, and also to increase capacities of already available actives .
Valentine Romanov, Novosibirsk

SDS-Mash will occupy on modernisation Altajvagona Yesterday Open Society board of directors the Holding company SDS-Mash (machine-building division of the Kemerovo holding the Siberian business union ) The decision on release of bonds on 1 mlrd rbl. has made It is planned to place 1 million bonds face value of 1 thousand rbl. with term of the reference three years. As the general director " has explained; SDS-Mash Victor Velichko, the loan purpose - attraction of means for Open Society modernisation Altajvagon (Novoaltaisk, Altay territory), the largest enterprise SDS-Mash . In the first half of the year 2007 Altajvagon has increased a gain from realisation by 20,85 % to 5,15 mlrd rbl., net profit - on 60 %, to 160,6 million rbl. Besides it SDS-Mash Open Company " operates several more machine-building actives SDS, in particular; Kemerovohimmash (Kemerovo), Open Company elektroprom and Open Company NPO podzemtransmash (Prokopevsk, the Kemerovo region). This first bonded loan which is carried out by structure SDS. The placing of three-year bonds declared in July, 2006 SDS-Finans on 600 million rbl. and has not taken place in the declared terms.
Igor Lavrenkov, Kemerovo

Microsoft will sign the cooperation agreement with TPUPervyj in Siberia the centre of innovative technologies of corporation Microsoft will open in Tomsk polytechnical university (TPU). On October, 31st the parties intend to sign the strategic agreement on mutual cooperation. It is supposed that general director Microsoft Rus Birger Sten and the president of Open Society will take part in ceremony SoftLajn Igor Borovikov. As the head of projects on development of technological business of department of strategic technologies Microsoft Rus Sergey Eremin has informed, the basic share of investments of corporation in development of the innovative centre will be made by the modern software. Besides, the company intends to carry out on the basis of the high school IT centres technological trainings for students and employees of the companies-partners. Now conditions of the agreement and volumes of deliveries of the software are discussed. The centre of innovative technologies Microsoft will settle down in institute territories the Cybernetic centre TPU. It becomes a part of the created centre of elite preparation of experts in the field of information technology. the new centre will have three lines of activity: preparation of experts-software developers, activity on attraction of business partners to realisation of student`s projects and any action and the grant from company Microsoft - has told the director of the Center of educational programs the Cybernetic centre Lyudmila Jampolsky.
Ekaterina Litvinova, Tomsk

Sibit There was in the second ocheredvchera a company Glavnovosibirskstroj (GNS) has opened the second turn of manufacture avtoklavnogo gazobetona sibit in the division with the same name. Capacity of a line - 145 thousand in cubic m gazobetona in year, the general release of it stenovogo a material at factory will reach in a year of 330 thousand in cubic m. According to the company, to this volume there will correspond requirements of the Novosibirsk market for 2010. however it is traditional about 30 % sew production we will send to consumers of other regions, first of all Siberian - the chief of department of marketing GNS Maxim Lihtarovich has noticed. Building of the second turn in cost more than 16 million euro has been carried out for one and a half year. According to the first vice-governor Vasily Jurchenko, the project of the second turn at factory Sibit became the first realised project from the investment plan of area calculated till 2025 .
Yury Belov, Novosibirsk

Hunger-strike on rubtsovskom factory priostanovlenavchera in Altay territory 45 workers of Open Society Rubtsovsky machine-building factory (RMZ) have suspended hunger-strike which proceeded 10 days in protest at multimonthly nonpayment of a salary. The chairman of trade-union committee of the enterprise Valery Volkov has informed on it . As he said, it has occurred after payment of a part of debts has begun. The general debt under the salary on RMZ makes about 100 million rbl., the size of the salary of workers of 2-20 thousand rbl. Yesterday on factory 13 million rbl. of the budgetary funds allocated for repayment of a debt have arrived. board RMZ which has Taken place in the same day has decided to distribute these means as follows: 37 % from the salary for July-September to pay to workers of all structural divisions, except the starving. To participants of hunger-strike under condition of the action termination to pay all salary for three months - Mr. Volkov has told. According to the chairman of trade-union committee, this decision has been sounded at meeting of labour collective and, as a whole, people have agreed with these conditions . The decision on sources and terms of payment of the rest of debts is not accepted yet.
Yury Belov, Novosibirsk

the Judge became a victim razbojav Novosibirsk employees of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have detained a two suspected of an attack on the federal judge of Lenin regional court Valentina Svirinu which has been made on October, 25th. According to field investigators, approximately in 7. 30 Mrs. Svirina, going for work, has opened a door of an entrance of the house on street Parhomenko, 26, and has there and then received a crushing blow on a head. Two criminals have pulled out a bag in which there was a civil case which it conducted, the certificate, phone, a purse from 6 thousand rbl. from hands of a victim Also have disappeared. With an open fragmental craniocereberal trauma the victim hospitalised. The second day the judge is in a clod. Inspectors have brought action about attempt at the murder interfaced to robbery (item 30, item 105 ch. 3 criminal codes of Russian Federation). Under stories of militiamen, the version that the attack could be connected with professional work of the judge, remained on the second plan . This very day in one of brothels detectives have detained suspected of an attack - before offenders for armed assaults of inhabitants of Novosibirsk Yana Ustjuzhanina and its minor podelnika - the pupil of the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE. From them have withdrawn the certificate of the judge and its mobile phone. - a hammer - suspects have thrown out a civil case and the crime tool. Today inspectors intend to address in court with the petition for their conclusion under guards.
Konstantin Voronov, Novosibirsk