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Oil has not sufficed business ties

the Oil prices have updated a historical record against an aggravation of a political situation in the Near East, having risen yesterday above $92 for barrel. Experts are afraid of reduction of deliveries from region of Persian gulf and predict the further growth of demand for oil. Growth of its quotations has already led to increase of cost of the Russian companies - after oil RTS index has exceeded a historical maximum.
on Thursday of the USA declared introduction of new sanctions against Iran. The ban for business ties of the American citizens and the private companies with Guards of Islamic revolution (the military case of army which are engaged in the international commercial activity), and also with three largest banks of Iran - Bank Melli, Bank Mellat and Bank Saderat has been imposed.

the Oil market has reacted to these news instantly. Cost of December futures for oil of mark WTI has grown yesterday on 2 %, having made record $92,22. Quotations of oil of mark Brent have risen to $89,30 for barrel, and the most considerable growth - on 3,88 %, to $85,69 - the Russian oil Urals was noted.

According to analysts, the next sanctions have served as a detonator against the general negative of the oil market. The speaker of Iraq parliament Mahmud al - Mashhadani has the day before promised to stop oil giving on the pipeline in port Dzhejhan if Turkey enters economic blockade of northern areas of the country. all these events increase fears concerning reduction of the offer of oil from two countries - the largest exporters of oil, Iran and Iraq - the analyst of the company " explains; Brokerkreditservisa Maxim Sheyin. Besides, in the USA the statistical data on oil stocks has been published: it agree it, for a week stocks were reduced to 5,2 million barrels. experts did not expect reduction and predicted even growth on 900 thousand barrels, - the analyst ` the WHALE of Finansa ` Konstantin Tcherepanov has noticed. - Having received statistics, the market has won back a negative . As he said, fears as a result have considerably increased that with approach of a winter season the offer in the oil market cannot satisfy demand.

the maximum values of quotations of oil have provoked growth of cost of papers of the Russian oil companies. LUKOIL actions have grown on RTS on 2,87 %, Rosneft - on 2,44 %, ordinary actions Surgutneftegaz - on 3,58 %. interest of investors to papers of oil sector Was marked, but special buying up in the market was not - the trader " tells; the Capital Renaissance Dmitry Kuljashenets. However at the expense of the oil companies indexes have grown also. Following the results of the auctions RTS index has grown on 2 % to a mark 2194,12 points, having exceeded the former historical maximum established on October, 15th. Despite considerable growth against increase in the prices at oil, papers of the Russian oil companies continue to lag behind the market - the managing director " marks; the Capital Alpha Andrey Kilin. So, in October the Russian indexes have grown on 7 %, and LUKOIL actions for this period have added in the price more than 6 %, securities Rosneft 3,5 %. Maxim Sheyin at the same time believes that now oil papers are underestimated approximately on 15 % in relation to their fair price.

experts specify that now oil cost is influenced many by various factors. Depending on their development, oil quotations can show in the near future both growth, and decrease. Analysts consider that the rise in prices for oil has speculative character. seven years ago the speculative award in oil quotations was up to standard of $2, and now it makes $12 - 15 - the analyst " counts up; Brokerkreditservisa Maxim Sheyin. In case of elimination the military award the price can be rolled away to $80 for barrel, the analyst " believes; the WHALE of Finansa Konstantin Tcherepanov. A number of analysts considers that the prices for oil can set up the next historical records in the near future. under existing conditions I would not exclude movement of oil quotations to a mark of $95 for barrel - economist Moody ` s Economy has declared. com Chris Lafakis. Now the question not in, whether will reach oil of $100 for barrel, and in when it will occur, experts Barclays Capital ascertain in the analytical note.