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CASE will braid on Kuban

Capital Joint-Stock Company “ Russian building cars “ has started preparation of the technical documentation of factory on assemblage of building technics and agricultural cars of a small class which is planned to construct in Timashevske (Krasnodar territory) by May, 2009. In factory building it is supposed to enclose $450 million Its designed capacity - 100 thousand cars a year enterprises JUFO become which consumers. Experts express doubt in economic feasibility of the project as the organisation of manufacture qualitative building and agricultural machinery demands the big expenses, than import of the same technics from - for a boundary. As have told „“ in department of investments and design support of administration of Krasnodar territory, the investment agreement between the authorities of Kuban and Joint-Stock Company “ Russian building cars “ (Moscow) it has been signed in September at an economic forum in Sochi. The factory will be erected in Timashevsky area on the rented area in 44 hectares. According to plans of initiators of the project, building will begin in February, 2008, and in May 2009 factory will be started up in operation. It will be the assembly manufacture, capable to make about 50 kinds building and agricultural machinery. Designed capacity of factory - 100 thousand units of technics a year. The technics companies CASE Construction (USA) becomes base models. According to member SD Joint-Stock Company “ Russtrojmasha “ Sergey Sementsova, in the beginning all technics will gather from mashinokomplektov, delivered with the European factories of the company. By 2012 the share of accessories of the Russian manufacture is supposed to be finished to 40 %. As the investor of the project the financial corporation Mackon Grp, ready to enclose in building of the enterprise $450 million • Financial corporation Mackon Grp acts. It is based in the XIX-th century beginning, has actives in Europe, the republic of South Africa, Australia. In Russia the company builds industrial targets and sports complexes. In Krasnodar territory corporation Mackon Grp. Builds factory “ TermaStal “ on manufacture fibrotsementnyh plates and metallokonstruktsy. • Company CASE Construction is a part of corporation CNH Global which has arisen in 1999 as a result of merge of companies CASE and New Holland. Today corporation CNH Global unites some world trade marks building and agricultural machinery. It is supposed that building and the agricultural machinery of a small class made at new factory, will be claimed by the enterprises of building branch, warehouse, municipal and agriculture. However participants of the market and experts state doubts that on the technics made in Timashevske there will be a great demand. According to head PR - Vladislav Kochetkova`s department IK FINAM, the Russian assembly manufacture organised on the basis of the West European or American technologies, reduces the cost price of products on 15 - 20 %, but other factor - quality of assemblage - can essentially lower chances of the project of success. “ in JUFO the building boom proceeds, landowners including farmers, have found proof solvency, market mechanisms operate in housing and communal services sphere more actively, therefore these branches already need in reliable high-efficiency, it is desirable for the domestic technics which the consumer can receive under preferential leasing programs. As practice of assembly manufactures in car industry which tried to replace a part mashinokomplektov the Russian details has shown, in our country while nobody makes the accessories, corresponding to import analogues first of all under qualitative characteristics “ - the expert has noted.

an analyst of association “ Sojuzagromash “ Maxim Shorohov considers that at the existing customs legislation the qualitative technics and mechanisms is more favourable for importing today from - for a boundary, rather than to make in the Russian Federation: “ the Competition between manufacturers building and agricultural machinery is very high today. And the USA manufacturers get in the EU countries essential support of the governments that allows them to advance successfully the technics in the world markets. And the operating Russian customs legislation also helps this advancement - the size of duties on technics and equipment import makes only 5-10 %. As a result for last year in a segment of tractors the import share has grown twice in comparison with 2005. Last years statements for creation even assembly manufactures flash not less often than once a month but while one project of company CLAAS on the same Kuban " has been realised only; - mister Shorohov has told.

the director “ JUTS - the Agroproduct “ Edward Kurochkin considers improbable that the European and American companies will organise assemblage of the advanced models of technics in Russia: “ If to speak about models of tractors and combines which collects CLAAS on Kuban by analogy to cars it is the first model of “Zhiguli“. Therefore the solvent buyer prefers the import technics which though and is more expensive, but is many times more productive that which make in the country “.

Victoria Makarenko