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To the general of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and officers of Moscow criminal investigation department have cleaned a sentence

Military board of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation yesterday has considered appeals of the general of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Vladimir Ganeeva and six officers of Moscow criminal investigation department on the sentences which have been taken out by it in last year. All of them were figurants of sensational criminal case about corruption in law enforcement bodies and have received long terms of imprisonment. The general and officers, and also their defenders in complaints demanded to cancel sentences, and criminal case concerning them to stop. As a result the court has rejected complaints, however has lowered punishment terms all condemned.
on announcement of judicial definition to the Supreme court yesterday there have arrived numerous relatives, friends and the former colleagues of the condemned. Among them it was allocated eks - the head of a stock exchange Alisa nowadays farmer Herman Sterligov. It has explained to the correspondent that was a sign with some condemned and has come to support them.

When judges of the Supreme court have entered into a hall, there were everything, except the former employee of Moscow criminal investigation department Alexander Breshchanova whom escorts have brought, and then and have taken out from a hall on a stretcher (shortly before arrest mister Breshchanov injured a backbone on a mounting skiing resort). eks - the militiaman has listened to the Judgement lying. As it became clear from the text of definition of court, the former head of department of own safety of the Ministry of Emergency Measures general Vladimir Ganeev and eks - officers of Moscow criminal investigation department Yury Samolkin, Nikolay Dyomin, Vadim Vladimirov, Igor Ostrovsky, Evgenie Taratorin and Alexander Breshchanov demanded in appeals a sentence to cancel as unfair, and business to stop in the absence of proofs .

to agents of national security the Moscow district military court (MOVS) has taken out the Sentence on September, 6th, 2006. The general and officers have been recognised by guilty of the organisation of criminal community, excess of powers of office, vymogatelstvah, falsifications of proofs and a drug trafficking. To mister Ganeevu also incriminated illegal operations with dragkamnjami.

Under the version of the investigation, general Ganeev and colonel Samolkin (and also one more employee of Moscow criminal investigation department Vladimir Lysakov who is wanted till now) were organizers of criminal community. Together with accomplices, has noted court, they extorted from heads of commercial structures sums of money, and also a share in business, suggesting them to pass voluntary under a militian roof . Resting threatened with violence, illegal bringing to criminal liability and creation of obstacles in work of the enterprises. As appears from criminal case materials, in certain cases figurants of business forged proofs on criminal cases and sent obstinate businessmen for a lattice. In business such six episodes contain. General Ganeeva was accused also of extortion by $600 thousand at one of businessmen.

defendants during the investigation, on fault court behind themselves did not recognise. Accused and their lawyers asserted that the most part of proofs is extracted with infringements criminally - the remedial legislation. In particular, protection confirmed, the inspector has not signed the report of withdrawal of videorecordings murovtsev on which it was visible as murovtsy threw veshchdoki victim. And that fact that these victims acted as witnesses in court, defenders considered as ogovor interested persons . Also lawyers and their clients specified that the considerable part of operative materials on which charge was under construction, has been ostensibly received with infringements, and a prowhisper of some telephone negotiations has not been authorised at all by court. In general as the condemned Ostrovsky Vladimir Zherebenkov`s lawyer has noticed, proofs in business are not present, and there is only a sum of circumstances which try to give out for those .

However the Military board of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation has solved differently. Having noticed that protection arguments about an accusatory bias of litigation (in MOVS. - ) are decided the chairman has come to a conclusion that fault of defendants on the majority of made criminal acts proves to be true . Thus the judicial board has stopped behind the expiry of the term of prescription Vladimir Ganeeva`s criminal case under item 191 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (illegal circulation of precious metals and jewels). The court also has dismissed from the general in the absence of structure of a crime charge on item 33 and item 228 (partnership in illegal acquisition and storage of narcotics). Court also, on a trope of lawyers, has cleaned a sentence having changed qualification of some points of charge. It has given the chance to lower punishment terms all condemned.

as a result to Vladimir Ganeevu and Yury Samolkinu punishment is lowered with 20 to 18 years of imprisonment; to Nikolay Dyomin - with 18 till 16 years of a colony, to Vadim Vladimirovu and Igor Ostrovsky - with 16 till 14 years of imprisonment, to Evgenie Taratorinu and Alexander Breshchanovu - since 16 and 15 years accordingly till 13 years. All condemned are deprived ranks and the state awards.

at the general and officers, and also their protection are possibility to challenge this decision in presidium of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. However since yesterday the sentence is considered entered validity, and condemned at any moment can send in places of serving of punishment.

when the judge has stopped to read definitions, relatives and eks - colleagues condemned, leaving a hall, began to shout the condemned: Keep! We will wait for you! in the answer the sentenced waved it hands.