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Mail of Russia representatives of the trade-union organisation " have blocked in a court yard of Glavpochtamta

Yesterday; Mail of Russia - Peter have spent a protest action in which course delivery of correspondence on post offices from Petersburg Glavpochtamta at 5 o`clock has been blocked. Increase of the salary to drivers of Management of a federal mail service (UFPS) across Petersburg and Leningrad region became the basic requirement of participants of the action. For administration Mails of Russia it is rather painful request - 2006 the enterprise has finished at a loss in 2,8 mlrd roubles, and the basic expenses of the enterprise have on a salary. Yesterday in 7 o`clock in the morning two drivers UFPS of Petersburg and Leningrad region have blocked the cars departure from a technological court yard of Glavpochtamta. In the neighbourhood representatives of trade union " have settled down; Mail of Russia - Peter and Committee of solidary actions, all nearby 30 - 40 persons. The gathered have developed posters All work should be paid and the Driver + the loader = the double salary . As one of participants of the picket, the operating salary of drivers UFPS too low and its increase - an action main objective has explained. At the moment fixed component of the salary of drivers makes 12 thousand roubles plus still approximately as much - a price-work component. On the salary of drivers how many should grow, organizers of picket could not answer distinctly in administration UFPS.
as have informed at office of Petersburg mail, as a result of the action pogruzochno - discharging on Glavpochtamte have appeared paralysed at 5 o`clock though some drivers and could escape from the blocked court yard, having threatened picketers with the mounts. A loss from the action in UFPS estimate it is low. at 12 o`clock in the afternoon picketers have dispersed, therefore the delay with correspondence delivery has appeared short. If the action lasted all the day, of course, we would have problems - the interlocutor in UFPS has explained. As he said, for days Glavpochtamt processes about 180 cars, and the general motor car park of the enterprise totals about 500 cars. anyway, salary increase not in our competence. It can make only head office ` Mails of Russia ` which we have already informed about happened - have informed in UFPS. Accordingly, in to Mail of Russia yet do not make comments on a situation in Petersburg.
we will notice that for post department low earnings of employees - one of the most painful problems. Annually the enterprise indexes the salary approximately on 30 % that turns around for Mails of Russia growth of costs behind which growth of incomes is not in time. So, following the results of 2006 a profitable part Mails of Russia has grown on 20 %, and zatratnaja on 24 %. Thus former director Mails of Russia Igor Syrtsov in the spring of this year has informed that payment in structure of expenses occupies 75 % that it is no wonder, considering number of employees of the enterprise - neither much nor few 415 thousand persons. Therefore any requirements connected with increase of the salary, anything, except negative emotions, at management Mails of Russia cannot cause. Especially against proceeding growth of losses of the enterprise which size this year can already make 6 mlrd roubles.
Then that, on the one hand, trade-union leaders have chosen rather perspective enterprise for realisation of the ambitions - after all in case of a full stop of work UFPS there can be paralysed an activity of variety of the state departments which correspondence is processed by mail. On the other hand, the post administration hardly will follow essential increase in a salary. Besides, according to the Petersburg office Mails of Russia The local trade union totals only 12 persons.
we will remind that some years ago in a similar situation there was other telecommunications agency - Open Society severo - Western a TV set . Company expenses grew faster, than incomes, thus the salary of employees was the basic article of costs. Business became complicated that, despite salary growth, its size all the same appeared insufficient and the company lost qualified personnel which were employed to competitors. Break situation SZT could only in 2004 - 2005. Entered a post of the general director of the company Vladimir Akulich has made, as a matter of fact, personnel revolution. Management has started the scale program of optimisation of number of employees in which result for the last couple of years the operator has left every fifth worker, having raised thus the salary to the remained experts. It is not excluded, as administrations Mails of Russia It is necessary to resort to similar measures.
Boris Gorlin