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  TECHNOGENIC ACCIDENT the Failure will turn back the new prices on potash udobrenijavchera Open Society “ Silvinit “ has warned the counterparts that “ in connection with not predicted character of increase in the sizes of a failure “ in territory BKRU - 1 “ Uralkalija “ (Berezniki) the enterprise can already stop shipment of chloride potassium in November, 2007. In a press - service “ Silvinita “ have reminded that movement on the railway way connecting the north of Prikamye with the Trans-Siberian Railway, has been stopped in second half of September from - that the failure has approached on distance of 75 metres to ways. Now production deliveries are carried out on reserve, 800 - the metre branch constructed after formation of a failure on mine of Open Society “ Uralkaly “. And the distance from it to a failure comes nearer to 100 metres (according to official figures emergency response centre GO and CHS in Berezniki - 142 metres). The statement Solikamsk kalijshchikov was rastirazhirovano the world`s largest manufacturer hlorkalija - Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. Right after it Potash Corp. Has informed that does not incur new obligations on deliveries of potash fertilizers from - for fears concerning possible faults with deliveries of raw materials from Russia. Declared stay of the conclusion of new contracts before situation change in the market " a bit later; the Belarus potash company “ (BKK, the trader “ Uralkalija “) . “ the Problem “ Silvinita “ consisted in warning the consumers about possible problems. But in this situation all have arrived logically, and it as a result has appeared for all favorable. An occasion to raise the prices for chloride potassium, now is iron “ - the director of analytical management " marks; AntantaPioglobal “ George Ivanin. The statement has provided also growth of actions of the potash companies - during the day quotations “ Uralkalija “ have grown on 10 %. “ I Think that thanks to “Silvinitu“ roundabout a way will construct faster “ - the expert hopes. Solve a problem the way for the enterprises of the north of Prikamye can reserve six-kilometre roundabout, installation of which northern site has been stopped in the middle of September from - that scientists and representatives of the Russian Open Society “ the Russian Railway “ could not find the optimum decision. Yesterday the edge authorities have spent an emergency meeting, but the question decision is postponed till Monday. By data „“, increase in a failure at manufacture most “ Uralkalija “ will affect slightly. On factories BKRU - 1 for which it is necessary to develop the new scheme of transportation, it is necessary all about 4 % of capacities of the company.
Yemelyanov`s hope

  the FINANCE “ New mountains “ will receive 1,5 mlrd roubles from EBRRVchera it became known that the board of directors of the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) has confirmed granting of the credit on 1,5 mlrd roubles for Open Society “ New mountains - Prikamye “ (NP). By words g - on Besfamilnogo, a top - the manager “ New mountain - Prikamye “ crediting term is provided no more than ten years. The credit contract of the party will sign till the end of the year. The European Reconstruction and Development Bank credit which guarantor of return become “ The Russian municipal systems “ will be the first resource involved NP for realisation of the investment program in Perm. Its volume will make 16 mlrd roubles, and period of validity - 20 years. The program will be realised at the expense of credit resources and the so-called tariff for connections (its introduction in Perm is expected since January, 1st). Negotiations from European Reconstruction and Development Bank NP conducted since 2005, it was supposed that the company takes in bank the credit nearby 1 mlrd roubles.
Anastas Kostin

  CORPORATE GOVERNANCE the New head “ the Perm motors “ has settled problems with chiefs tsehovvchera fulfilling duties of the general director of a management company “ the Perm engine-building complex “ (UK PMK) Michael Dicheskul has commented on performance of chiefs of shops of the Perm motor factory (PMZ). Past Tuesday in the post card they have acted sharply against resignation of operating director PMZ of Sergey Smolina. This post has been reduced by Michael Dicheskula`s order, and he has incurred management of one of the key enterprises of an engine-building complex. Next day after the reference Michael Dicheskul has met the indignant chiefs of shops. Yesterday he has informed that now “ in collective a full order “. “ At me with one foreman after that conversation is not present any hint on misunderstanding and the conflict. It were emotions, a collective agiotage under the influence of the head operating still. Now all have understood all “ - has noted g - n Dicheskul. Now at the enterprise other personnel shifts are not excluded also. “ I hope that we will do it routinely, not so is noisy. Certainly, it is necessary to understand with personnel structure “ - has noted a top - the manager. Whether the post of operating director PMZ will remain, will solve board of directors UK PMK next week. “ In my opinion to leave as there is now, that is a combination a top - the manager of UK PMK and PMZ more correctly. It is a correct position - concentration round the main business. All - taki now the complex is focused on eight-milliard business of this enterprise “ - Michael Dicheskul considers. It has explained that if the post of operating director PMZ will be kept, variants of its further employment can be various. “ I would like to be useful on PMZ “ - has noted g - n Dicheskul.
Anastas Kostin

“ Izhkombank “ has re-elected council direktorovna extraordinary general meeting of shareholders “ Izhkombanka “ (Udmurtiya) election of new structure of board of directors became a main point. The tragical  destruction in July of this year (at a crash of helicopter) the former chairman of board of directors Daniel Belogolovkina became the reason of change of a management in one of the largest banks of the Udmurt Republic. The general director of Open Society " became the new chairman of the council; Udmurtnefteprodukt “ Andrey Shutov, belongs to it of 16,25 % of actions of this credit institution. The structure of board of directors included Natalia Belogolovkina - the general director of Open Society “ the GUARANTOR “ the widow eks - the chairman.
Galina Volkova, Izhevsk

  ELECTIONS have put off the Perm communists with avtobusovkak have informed „“ in krajkome the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, yesterday have been stopped and sent on shtrafstojanku the city passenger buses containing pre-election campaign of communists. Guards were confused with that circumstance that on boards of five buses slogans have been placed: “ the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. It is true to the people - it is necessary to the country “ and “ Our Native land - the USSR “. Thus posters as a propaganda material have been registered in regional electoral committee. Thus, communists believe, their rights to pre-election campaign carrying out have been roughly broken. In a press - to service of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation „“ have explained that the carrier has informed them that buses have been sent on shtrafstojanku after corresponding instructions from the mayoralty of Perm, and in the near future propaganda posters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation should be destroyed. “ to a carrier have threatened that in case of continuation of the contract with us, it next year will not receive city routes. It is the cleanest water an administrative resource! “ - believe in parties. The chairman of transport committee of Perm Igor Sasunov has categorically denied „“ this information. “ it is absolute bosh. Transport, as well as Armed forces, is out of a policy. A similar interdiction was not and could not be. If carriers want to participate in the politician the administration in no way does not interfere with it. Even thoughts was not “ - summarised g - n Sasunov.
Artem Voronenko