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Five years the North - Ostu

Yesterday it was executed five years from the date of tragedy the North - Osta . At a building of the Theatrical centre the former hostages, relatives of victims and simple Muscovites have gathered for Dubrovke, all about thousand persons. Politicians of the most different belief - the party leader " have come also; the Apple Grigory Javlinsky, the leader of Union of Right Forces Nikita Belyh, the ideologist natsional - Bolsheviks Edward Limonov, head Russian it is national - the democratic union Michael Kasyanov, the deputy of the State Duma from an United Russia Joseph Kobzon. They, however, tried not to involve in themselves special attention. On building steps there were portraits of victims, candles burnt, people approached and put nearby red carnations. On a wall of the theatrical centre have hung up the big poster with photos and surnames of all victims. Nearby, on other wall, some years the granite board with the same surnames hangs. Memorial service has opened the chairman of regional public organisation the North - Ost Tatyana Karpova. Time does not treat, it has stopped. Here, after storm, you has been carried out, the former hostages, rolled on these steps mixed up with corpses. To someone has carried more, you have survived, someone have packed in cellophane bags - madam Karpova in a microphone has said. When it has finished the speech, gathered have shown shots of the video chronicle of five years` prescription. People listened silently, sometimes sobbing. Was more categorical than Tatyana Karpovoj the co-chairman of public association the Voice of Beslan Ella Kesaeva. She has demanded to call to account the bloody president and bloody generals . After performances in the sky have let out 130 white balloons - on a death toll of hostages. Action by mourning requiem has ended.