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In buses will enter stowaway journey

Open Society “ Kamabank “ together with private bus carriers of Perm studies the project of introduction of electronic system of payment of journey in public transport. It is supposed that the investor of the project which cost is estimated in 10 million roubles, becomes “ Kamabank “. However participants of the market are afraid that introduction of such system can lead to fare rise in price. Yesterday director NP “ the Uniform union of carriers “ (ESP) Evgenie Friedman has told „“ that together with Open Society “ Kamabank “ carriers study the introduction project in buses of electronic system of payment of journey. It is supposed that tickets will be replaced with special electronic cards. In buses reading devices with which help passengers will pay journey will be established. He has noticed that process will pass in some stages. At first electronic social travel papers will be developed for preferential categories of citizens which now have social travel papers. Then - for all the others. According to mister Friedman, such system will allow to conduct more accurately control of a volume of passenger traffic and it will be much more convenient for passengers. The private businessman has informed that now the similar system operates more than in ten regions of Russia. According to mister Friedman, project cost makes about 10 million roubles.

in “ Kamabanke “ have confirmed that consider possibility of participation in the project. The vice-president of board “ Kamabanka “ Alexander Gajor has informed that variants of an embodiment of system on the basis of experience of other regions are now studied. “ prospects of electronic gathering of payments big enough. We have a turned out potential and understanding of ways of realisation of similar projects “ - mister Gajor has noted. As he said, participation “ Kamabanka “ in the project probably in quality soinvestora and the organizer of calculations. Mister Gajor has specified that electronic conductors can already appear in public transport in Perm in the beginning of 2008.

in the mayoralty idea of a carrier have supported. The chairman of committee on transport Igor Sasunov has declared that the similar system works already in many regions of Russia. He also has noticed that the administration does not participate in this process. “ we can support only it or not. The administration supports. As expenses will be incurred by “Kamabank“ “ - mister Sasunov has commented. He also assumes that the similar system of payment is very convenient for passengers. “ it will not be necessary to count a trifle “ - mister Sasunov has noted.

Carriers while have concerned this invention with watchfulness. Private businessmen assume that introduction of electronic tickets can be reflected in fare. “ It turns out that between a carrier and the passenger there will be an intermediary who too will need to deduct percent for services. It is necessary to understand, how many it will cost also who will bear these expenses “ - has noted a large bus carrier Anatoly Kolodjazhnyj. The director of Open Company “ the Edelweiss “ Pavel Shirev has noticed that the electronic system is interesting as idea, but bears additional expenses which should be reflected in the tariff. “ certainly, in the developed countries this system is adjusted and works. But at us a cold and a dirt. Whether such system in such conditions will work? “ - one of carriers has doubted.
Irina Peljavina