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Voluntary - compulsory struggle

In Lisbon yesterday Vladimir Putin has again declared that will not go for the third term (p. 1 see). Its answer can not suit organizers of the actions going on all country which participants demand to prolong powers of the working president. The speaker of Council of federation Sergey Mironov who has offered to legislators to consider a question on preservation of Vladimir Putin in power without infringement of the Constitution has not stood aside also.
mister Mironov has noted: Legitimate continuation of term of stay of Vladimir Putin in power would be the blessing, and we, legislators, should think, how it to make, and can be, for this purpose and it is not necessary to copy the Constitution. There are other algorithms, and I think of it and seriously I work in this direction .

One of authors of the Constitution Victor Shejnis has told that no legislative grounds for prolongation of presidential powers of Vladimir Putin are present . The constitution allows the same person to be the president only two terms successively. The law on a referendum forbids to solve a question on terms of presidential powers through plebiscite. Laws on an emergency situation or the martial law impose an interdiction for elections if on all country state of emergency is entered or it has entered war. However, according to the expert so it is possible to postpone elections only. But right after cancellations extreme or the martial law elections should be necessarily appointed and spent. Accordingly, Vladimir Putin whom all this time the president will remain, on - former will not have the right to participation in these elections. According to mister Shejnisa, the most simple way to Vladimir Putin`s preservation in the Kremlin - Constitution change.

is the variant is much easier, at which to change the Constitution there is no need one of developers of the selective legislation Boris Nadezhdin considers. By the law, as he said, are provided early election which are appointed, in particular, because the working president retires . While, truth, the law About the basic guarantees of suffrages of citizens forbids to participate in early election to that, on fault which they pass. It is necessary, mister Nadezhdin, " considers; simply to remove an interdiction . And then, under its forecast, on the night of December, 3rd when the message on a shattering victory ` an United Russia ` on parliamentary elections will arrive, Vladimir Putin declares that he retires to become the deputy . The Central Electoral Committee after that will be obliged to start preparation of the preschedule presidential election candidate Putin will be which full participant. After all it not dosidit on a post of two terms successively .

Any legal decision will be accepted on hurrah participants of numerous actions, from meetings to deputy references which go a week on all country (for the first time informed on it on October, 25th). Victor Shejnis does not exclude that the wave of meetings dispersed on the country in support of the third term is started by the Kremlin that the president eventually has conceded to national love and has agreed: a horse-radish with you, we change the Constitution . Sergey Mironov names occurring actions spontaneous references .

On hand yesterday there was a copy of the telegramme addressed to heads of divisions Western - the Siberian railway with instructions to organise participation in meeting in support of a policy of the president of the Russian Federation Putin V. V of workers and veterans of collectives, members of their families (the facsimile) see. Organizers of meeting are known. In Novosibirsk on Thursday movement " has been created; For Putin! . The chairman of a board of guardians of regional branch of the Russian children`s fund of the spouse of governor Victor Tolokonsky Natalia Tolokonsky, the head of Inter-regional association of heads of the enterprises Yury Bernadsky and the chairman of the Union of the Novosibirsk student`s organisations Michael Kamayev became its founders. The following is in circulation told literally: We express solidarity to Vladimir Vladimirovichu Putin and we consider: despite the decision strictly to follow Constitutions, it and should possess further all powers which will promote its activity as the leader of the country .

Similar statements are accepted and on other meetings and the meetings which geography becomes more and more extensive. Over the last two days they have passed in Magadan, the Barrow, Hunts - Mansijske and New Urengoe. Under data, campaign should reach apogee within the next two weeks.