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on October, 27th Saturday
For health day neutral. The moon in a sign on a Taurus, in an organism the neck and a throat, a thyroid gland as at intense influence of the Neptune endokrinnaja the system is vulnerable are sensitive. Alcohol and drugs is dangerous.

day begins with harmonious aspects. But they pass, when in Moscow still early morning, last aspect with Venus in 7. 30 mornings. To be in time ponaslazhdatsja love or shopping inhabitants of east Russian regions, where already in a heat can day.

the intense aspect of the Moon with the Neptune further comes into force. On it it is necessary to be afraid of a standard set neptunianskih negative influences - lie, illusions, fanaticism, depression, drunkenness, a narcotism. And since 11 mornings and to 3 o`clock in the morning on Sunday the Moon without a course. It turns out that for responsible affairs Saturday not so approaches. There are ordinary daily domesticities and rest without excessive vozlijany.

it is possible to go To trips, having in a stock a reserve of time and roundabout routes on a case of bad passableness of the core. From - for bad weather conditions or drunkenness failures are possible. And in the car it is necessary to check up brakes and various liquid systems, and also quality of fuel.

concerning art, an aesthetics not all will be pleasant to you. The same can be carried and to purchases. Do not give in to passion and advertising. Sunday morning and first half of day will pass under intense influence of Saturn and too are not especially favorable. It is possible to have a sleep, and then to perform collected small and tiresome work. Intense situations and in the end of Sunday are possible. And next week Tuesday and environment are most harmonious.

Arieses should be careful in practical affairs in all that concerns money, property. Protect it from thieves and waste.

Tauruses should be able to leave negative emotions, to reject them. Do not give in to pressure and public opinion.

twins need to consider possibility of occurrence of secret enemies, envious persons and slanderers. Is better to ignore them, being engaged in the affairs.

cancers should be attentive with liquids, both industrial, and food. Also try not to break a rule, especially during trips.

lions can have some problems with the authorities or the law. Try to avoid illegal actions.

maidens can have some complexities in study, mental work, on trips and dialogue with the foreign organisations and private persons.

scales should avoid financial and sexual adventures, especially under the influence of alcohol. Avoid visiting of lush establishments.

Scorpions can trust not to all partners, especially in business sphere. Even solid in appearance and persons can bring structures.

Sagittariuses should protect health. The subordinated or employed workers can bring you. Force them to observe technology.

Capricorns should not be fond of entertainments. Problems with children are possible. Do not spend money for unnecessary purchases and adventurous investments.

Aquarius should be accurater in domesticities. Check up household liquids and a waterpipe. Avoid persistence in family relations.

fishes can have problems on transport, as in a role of the driver, and the pedestrian or the passenger. Someone from a near environment, neighbours can lead dishonestly.

on October, 28th Sunday
For health this day develops moderately intense situation. Under the Moon in a sign on Twins the respiratory system is vulnerable. And under the influence of Saturn it is necessary to be careful prostudnyh of the phenomena.

this day is completely not rich with aspects. Only between the Moon and Saturn intense interaction, with a maximum about the middle of day will be established. In such day various delays and obstacles are probable. They, most likely, will not lead to serious consequences, will simply cause small complications in work and mutual relations.

in such day it is not necessary to carry out the most responsible affairs, for example moving on a new residence, either family creation, or firm opening. And concerning usual actions or continuation of work no cautions are present.

day is not so favorable For personal relations. In first half of day slackness or dispassionateness, and in the second - irritability and conflict situations in process of approach of intense aspect of the Moon and Uranium which becomes exact about 3 hours on the night of Monday can be felt. By the way, from - for it danger of failures on transport, in power and communication in the evening increases, and also becomes more conflicts between people.

for trips day not so harmonious. It is necessary to have time stock. And also avoid the risk, dangerous maneuvers and excess of speed. Do not break a rule and as the pedestrian, the passenger.

morning of Monday begins with intense aspects. But the most part of the working day already passes under harmonious influences. Tuesday and environment also basically are favorable for various activity.

Arieses need to be more attentive on trips. Misunderstanding with the nearest environment is possible.

Tauruses can have difficulties in material sphere. It is not necessary to aspire to the power, prestige, it is not necessary to moralize.

twins will be under pressure the authorities or supervising structures. Be attentive on trips and at the reference with documents.

cancers also should consider possibility of the conflict to structures law-enforcement and similar to them. Difficult day for study and trips.

lions can not manage to find common language with partners both in business, and in personal area. Probably some cooling of feelings.

maidens should not press on associates, especially on members of a family. Otherwise only will spoil with them relations and anything good it will not turn out.

scales should consider the latent motives of behaviour of people and the latent possibilities of a situation. Difficult day for dialogue with teachers, instructors.

Scorpions should not trust another`s opinion on financial and socially - to political problems. Be guided by the internal decisions.

Sagittariuses will meet difficulties in mutual relations with equal partners, and also the heads and seniors.

Capricorns can be involved in household conflicts. Difficult day and concerning health. Be not overloaded with affairs.

it will be difficult to Aquarius to find common language with children and beloved. Do not try to force them to something.

fishes do not need to overload itself with domesticities. Do not go in cycles in problems of family relations.