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Andrey Lugovoj and will prepare the agreement of lawsuit

Businessman Andrey Lugovoj and Joint-Stock Company . The publishing house have agreed till November, 6th to develop the agreement of lawsuit under the claim of the businessman to the edition about honour and dignity protection and indemnification in 20 million rbl. on October, 3rd during hearings in the Tver court of Moscow in essence representatives of the newspaper as item 173 of the Civil remedial code have brought into court the project of the agreement of lawsuit in which have suggested Meadow to publish in the Businessman and on a site of the newspaper specification of the phrase which have caused judicial dispute.
Besides, has suggested Andrey Lugovomu to act on newspaper pages. for studying of the draught agreement it is required to us about a month - Tatyana Stukalova has declared the lawyer of the businessman. In this connection, the court has postponed session for November, 6th.

as an occasion to claim giving article " has served; Boris Berezovsky have enlisted in spies published in the Businessman on July, 9th, 2007. According to the lawyer of the claimant, the publication contains the data which are not representing the facts, discrediting honour, advantage and business reputation Meadow in this connection he asks to collect from the newspaper of 20 million rbl., and also to oblige the edition to publish a refutation.

as Tatyana Stukalova has explained, at the heart of the claim the phrase from article lies: After the royal Office of Public Prosecutor of Great Britain has in absentia accused him of murder with use of radioactive polonium - 210 Litvinenko, the mister Meadow has declared to the first communications of the victim with the British special services . The claimant considers that word combination use Meadow the first has declared communications of the victim has led to that the opinion in which result Meadow it is exposed in an image of the criminal - murderers Litvinenko has been imposed readers of the newspaper.

the Head of legal service of the Publishing house George Ivanov after session has declared: Within a month we will try to reach the compromise . While definitive conditions of the possible agreement of lawsuit are not developed, and we till November, 6th will try to solve questions, including financial with which both parties " would arrange; - the lawyer has noted.

protection Meadow has not excluded that judicial dispute between the businessman and the newspaper will be peacefully solved. At the same time, Andrey Lugovoj named the project of the agreement of lawsuit senseless . At first sight, offers which to us have now made, seem senseless, but I hope that till November, 6th at representatives the Businessman the reason, decency and honesty " will prevail; - has told Meadow after hearings. At the same time, the businessman has noticed that it Will insist anyway on material indemnification . Meadow has underlined that in case of a victory in court intend to direct money for charity.

Eks - the officer of FSB Alexander Litvinenko has died in November, 2006. Experts of the British Agency in health protection assert that have found out in its body a significant amount of radioactive polonium - 210, however the official conclusion about causes of death and results of opening of the power of Great Britain and have not published.

British of special service accuse Andrey Lugovogo of participation in murder of Litvinenko and its delivery, despite already received from the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation refusal continue to achieve from Russia. The Russian Office of Public Prosecutor motivated the decision with that the country Constitution forbids an extradition of Russians.