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“ polyhnulo all almost instantly “

Yesterday in Vladivostok in office building of PromstrojNIIproekta there was a burnout. Nine persons were lost. Firemen could not start in time evacuation by means of ladders from - that the area before a building has been occupied by the parked cars. Trying to escape from fire people were thrown out from windows of the top floors. The cause of the fire is not established yet, on one of versions, ignition has occurred from - for electroconducting short circuits, on another - from - for outstanding cigarettes.
Zdanie PromstrojNIIproekta on the prospectus of the Red Banner - one of the largest office city centres. In a nine-floor building rent the areas of ten commercial companies, on two last floors the head office of seaside branch of the Savings Bank settles down. The fire which has begun in 12. 10, has inflamed promptly.

“ someone has shouted ` a fire `. We have jumped out in a corridor, and there already a smoke a wall, it is visible nothing. To a staircase was not to make the way. Have returned to an office, windows have opened and breathed. There has then arrived a fire-engine with a ladder, and we were removed “ - employees of department of the Savings Bank located on last floor have told. From a building 500 persons, from them some tens on a fire-escape have been evacuated nearby. Eyewitnesses tell that one of women, having wrapped up in a mink fur coat, has risked to run away on a burning staircase. The fur coat has scorched, but the woman remained is live. But has carried not all. Employees of credit and corporate departments of the Savings Bank, basically women, have been cut off from exits, fire has got into offices. Girls were put out from windows and dusherazdirajushche shouted. Some tried to get out on eaves of windows, conditioners and the publicity boards attached to a wall of a building. Passers-by and inhabitants of the offices, had time to leave a building, tried to make everything that is possible: On a peak, under Savings Bank windows, people threw cardboard boxes, someone has brought a canvas awning from the nearest building to soften falling. “ men among whom there were colleagues, tried to pull an awning. The little girl has jumped, trying to get on an awning. Has not got. The colleague when has returned, in a state of shock has told: ` I there have endured the such! The peak is covered by corpses ` “ - the employee of the Savings Bank told to the correspondent.

of windows of a burning building have jumped out and five persons have broken, two have choked in a smoke. In hospitals with traumas, burns and a poisoning with burning products 16 persons have been delivered, two from them by the evening have died.

firemen have explained a considerable quantity of victims the roughest infringements of fire prevention rules. “ people were lost from - that the area before a building which under fire prevention rules should be free, has been completely forced by cars. While cars have taken away, have put forward a ladder, time has left “ - the major of service pozharotushenija Vladimir Pavlov entering into an emergency response centre on struggle against fire has informed. As he said, calculations have operatively coped with a fire to which the third category of complexity has been appropriated: “ On fire localisation 40 minutes " have left;. But fire extended very quickly. “ offices are literally stuffed by computers and other office equipment, it is a lot of papers. polyhnulo all almost instantly “ - Pavel`s mister has told. According to bank employees, the situation was complicated by that at offices was a lot of plastic and people fainted, having inhaled a poisonous smoke. Causes of the fire employees of service pozharotushenija yet do not name. “ the fire source was on the seventh floor. According to security guards, there there was a smoking-room. Probably, not extinguished cigarette became the reason, is possible - electroconducting short circuit. Conclusions will be made by a consequence “ - Pavel`s major has informed.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Primorski Territory has filed criminal charges on ch. 3 items 219 (“ the Infringement of the fire prevention rules which have entailed  destruction of people “) and ch. 3 items 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ the Negligence which has entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons “) . Regional public prosecutor Alexander Anikin whom the correspondent has met on an exit from a building of PromstrojNIIproekta, has informed: “ I participated in survey of a scene and saw that some ladder flights are partitioned off by iron lattices that obviously complicated evacuation of people “. According to employees of the Savings Bank, in office centre two ladders, but one of them it is partitioned off, and the fire-escape from outer side of a building is not present. “ the legal estimation Will be given actions of officials of management of Gospozharnadzora of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Primorski Territory which, in our opinion, have not accepted exhaustive measures that the building completely corresponded to fire prevention rules “ - public prosecutor Anikin has concluded.

, Vladivostok