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The widow has changed the football player

In Liberia yesterday there has passed inauguration Ellen Johnson - Serlif - the first woman - the president in Africa. On elections of last year she has won a sensational victory over the football player and millionaire George Vea. Now before it it is necessary even more - to lift a challenge from ruins one of the poorest countries of the world, endured 14 - summer civil war.
the authorities of Liberia were carefully prepared by this historical day for the country. To inauguration ceremony have been invited not only leaders of the African states - the republic of South Africa, Senegal, Ghana and the Cat - d ` by Ivuara, but also US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice, the first lady of the USA Lora Bush and one of daughters of the American president - Barbara. On the occasion of arrival of such quantity of eminent visitors to Monrovia unprecedented security measures have been accepted: to peace-making mission of the United Nations in Liberia, and divisions of the American army have joined coast of this country of profit two vessels of the Navy of the USA. To give to capital more presentable kind, thousand volunteers have cleared the main city streets of garbage and have put in order facades of the most started buildings.

the solemnity of action speaks that for the first time for many long years civil wars which have carried away lives of 250 thousand citizens, Liberia had a hope of peace existence. This hope to inhabitants of the poorest western - the African state has given Ellen Johnson - Serlif, 67 - the summer widow having four children and eight of grandsons. it is historical day for this continent, - has declared on the eve of inauguration Lora Bush. - I am really shaken by that I should visit on historical inauguration . Thus the first lady of the USA has noticed that considers the new president of Liberia a brilliant example for all women of the world, and not just Africa .

the Madam Johnson - Serlif has ended economic faculty of University of Colorado and has received a scientific degree in the field of state administration at the Harward university. To a victory on elections it occupied high posts in the World bank and United Nations structures, and also was the Minister of Finance of Liberia at president William Tolberte. Thus during the political activity Ellen Johnson - Serlif was necessary to be imprisoned three times.

in November of the past year, on the first after end of bloody civil war elections, Ellen Johnson - Serlif has won a convincing victory over a football star of clubs Milan and Chelsea George Vea. According to the Central Electoral Committee of Liberia, the iron lady of Africa (the madam Johnson - Serlif has received such nickname, being the minister) in the second round of elections has typed 59,4 % of votes, having outstripped mister Vea on 19 %. 39 - the summer millionaire recognised FIFA in 1995 as the best football player of the world, has tried to challenge results of elections, having accused a command Ellen Johnson - Serlif of falsifications, however the Central Electoral Committee has confirmed results of elections.

now on shoulders the iron lady of Africa it will be made responsible for the country which has endured one of the most cruel civil wars on Black continent. Today Liberia, the first republic in Africa, based in 1847 the released slaves from the USA, is on the verge of disaster: the rate of unemployment in this country exceeds 80 %, the most part of the three-million population of the country does not own the reading and writing, almost all infrastructure is destroyed. However madam Ellen Johnson - Serlif do not frighten difficulty. I am not confused absolutely not by that abundance of problems which to me should be solved - she has declared on the eve of inauguration.

Defining priorities of the policy, the first president - the woman of Africa has declared that first of all will pay attention to needs of the youth which has suffered from war, and also maintenance of effective activity of the government, fight against corruption, stimulation of economic growth and attraction of foreign investments. Whether Johnson will turn out at the madam - Serlif to fulfil the promises, it becomes clear upon termination of its six-year presidential term. However that election Ellen Johnson - Serlif will encourage the African women, does not raise the doubts. Acting on Sunday before members of female associations, she has addressed to all women: Women of Liberia and all Africa, we should succeed and we will succeed .