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The Novosibirsk underground was late in development

Yesterday the assistant to the general director of Open Society Bamtonnelstroj (BTS, the basic contractor of building of the Novosibirsk underground) Oleg Ferdman has informed that the enterprise is compelled to suspend the work in Novosibirsk in the absence of financing. As he said, MUP Management of the customer on building of underground transport constructions (UZSPTS) has run into debt it 364 million rbl. Meanwhile management UZSPTS asserts that underground building proceeds also problems with financing is not present. As mister Ferdman has told, BTS should finish prohodku developments of the right boiling tunnel between stations the Birchwood and Marshal Pokryshkina to start up it in operation and to carry out works on a place of the future station the Gold field . But, as he said, works are suspended prior to the beginning of financing and repayment of debts. Unfortunately, I am compelled to ascertain that today we do not build the underground - Oleg Ferdman has declared. He has added that in this situation BTS is compelled to send the people in holidays for two-three months. Besides, the enterprise dismantled prohodchesky complex Lovat got for building of the Novosibirsk underground.
financing of building of the underground is carried out federal, regional and municipal by budgets. As the customer of works acts MUP Management of the customer on building of underground transport constructions the general contractor - Open Society Bamtonnelstroj . To put in operation station the Birchwood it was planned to new, 2005, but in the absence of financing and failure of the schedule of works object with the left boiling tunnel to station Marshal Pokryshkina by extent of 1,25 km has been handed over in June, 2005. In the end of the last year the main architect of a city Valery Arbatsky has declared that within 10 years in Novosibirsk there will be two more stations: the Gold field and Stanislavsky`s Area . According to Oleg Ferdmana, debts of the contractor before BTS Victor Leonov makes 364 million rbl. In December of last year at session of the constant commission on town-planning of the Novosibirsk City Council of deputy chief UZSPTS has informed deputies that the volume kapvlozheny in this sphere in 2005 has made about 502 million rbl., from them 127 million rbl. has been allocated from the federal budget, 30 million rbl. - from regional and 46 million rbl. - from city. Thus mister Leonov has noticed that from regional treasury it was supposed to allocate 50 million rbl. As he said, because of a lack of means the accounts payable to contract organisations metrostroitelnogo a complex in the sum of 463,8 million rbl. was formed, from which 385 million rbl. have on Open Society debt Bamtonnelstroj .
In December of last year after the termination of visit to Novosibirsk the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin governor of the region Victor Tolokonsky has informed that the head of the state has promised to allocate for building of the underground of 400 million rbl. But in the end of December mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky as has informed a site NGS. ru has declared: Unfortunately, did not hear assurances that this money will be allocated. We achieved both from the president, and from Ministry of economic development and trade of support which has been promised to us. But proficiency always shared, and business did not reach us. It is offered to us to build by own strength .
It is supposed that for continuation of building of underground in 2006 from the federal budget it will be allocated by 132 million rbl., from regional - 70 million rbl., from municipal - 30 million rbl. But, according to the chairman of the commission of the City Council on Edward Kozhemjakina`s municipal economy, About underground development to speak senselessly as this sum does not cover even a debt of the customer . And are long to give it is necessary - mister Kozhemjakin has noticed and has expressed hope of federal support Novosibirsk metrostroja.
In UZSPTS do not divide these fears. The general director of the customer Nikolay Hvan has optimistically declared that after a meeting of the governor with the president we have chances instead of 135 million rbl. from the federal budget to receive to 400 million rbl. . According to mister Hvana, now there is a stage of invisible starting-up and adjustment works between stations the Birchwood and Marshal Pokryshkina . And to say that all have left in an indefinite leave, is a bluff. And that say that because of the salary at us a problem, is a lie. As work goes, and the salary " is paid; - he has assured.