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SKA have found the sample for imitation

As yesterday it became known , in a line-up of football club SKA the players acting under present trainer SKA of Sergey Andreeva in Belgorod " will be involved; Salute . Such decision was accepted at the first working meeting of the president of football club SKA of Ivan Savvidi with recently appointed head coach of an army team. Having stated to the president of club the plan of preparation of a command to national championship and an exit of a command from the crisis, new instructor SKA has promised to train a command on sample Chelsea .
past Saturday in Rostov-on-Don the first working meeting of the president of football club SKA of Ivan Savvidi with the new trainer of an army team Sergey Andreevym has taken place. During three and a half hours the management of army club discussed a current situation in SKA, principles of acquisition of structure and a trainer`s staff, and also the plan of preparation of a command to national championship. At a meeting it has been decided that the most popular in the past attacking SKA and " becomes the assistant to the head coach; a Rostselmash Alexander Vorobev who has won in 1981 together with Andreevym in structure SKA the Cup of the USSR. During conversation head coach SKA which has just come back from training in Chelsea, has promised to mister Savvidi to train a command on the sample of English club.

Rostov SKA (SKVO) - the football club first on Don which have achieved the right to act in the higher league of national championship. Command launch is necessary on 60 - e - the beginning 80 - h years. During this period soldiers have won silver medals of the championship and the Cup of the USSR. Then in structure SKA legendary Monday, Kopaev, Shikunov, Matveev, Afonin played, Hetmen, Eskov, Andreys. Last years the command drags pity existence, surviving thanks to the sponsor`s help of private persons. In the championship of Russia-2005, acting in zone tournament of the second league, soldiers have occupied 11 - e a place (from 14). as Andrey`s mister has informed , he intends to offer all football players acting in the past season in structure SKA, to remain in the ranks of army club. Young players from a double " will be invited some; Rostov . Among those whom new head coach SKA intends to invite in the team from Belgorod, it is possible to name the most experienced attacking - Alexander Sofronov playing to Salute in Samara Krylja Sovetov and capital the Dynamo and Andrey Getsko, playing Odessa CHernomortse and also Andrey Vorobeva - the son of present second trainer SKA.

Under the information , the command will gather on January, 20th to pass profound medical examination. On January, 25th soldiers will go on early training gathering in Kudepstu, on base of the Minister of Defence. The voyage planned before to Antalia in connection with bird flu threat it has been decided to cancel. To the championship of Russia in the second league, starting in the middle of April, Rostov SKA should pass obligatory licensing in the Moscow office of Professional football league.