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Where “ Dakar “ did not drive

past Sunday on Pink lake near capital of Senegal the finish of legendary rally Lisbon-Dakar has taken place. In the seventh time a victory in a category “ trucks “ has got to the best Russian racing command “ KamAZ - the master “ - this time to Vladimir Chagina`s crew. In other classes - “ cars “ and “ motorcycles “ - have won Frenchman Ljuk Alfan from Mitsubishi and Spaniard Mark Koma from KTM. It was the sad finish. It seemed that after  destruction one week ago the Australian motorcycle racer Andy Keldekotta all the most terrible on “ Dakar “ remains behind. Alas, there were two more tragedies. On Friday and Saturday under wheels of cars participating in rally two boys were lost. One was 10 years old, to another - 12...
It is already far not the first cases, when on “ Dakar “ sportsmen, and spectators perish not. And it is clear that organizers additional measures on safety again began to urge to take. Though that else they can undertake besides that is already undertaken? Here, for example, restriction of speed - 50 km/ ch - has been entered at journey of settlements. But Africans, for which “ Dakar “ maybe, the main event of all life, are going to look now race not on city streets or villages, and behind their limits. There, where already limits of speed do not operate. And all numerous accidents that has proved to be true and this time, not in forces to force children to overcome a temptation to run out on a line, to see a miracle - cars as it is possible more close.
as a sign of mourning for victims organizers have cancelled final spetsuchastok: racers have passed this last one hundred with small of nine thousand kilometres of an infernal way, without caring of what time will show. However, even if time would be marked, one hundred kilometres already on what in the general offset could not affect.
for a command “ KamAZ - masters “ from Naberezhnye Chelny this victory was already the seventh and the fifth successively. Also it was very similar to the previous. The day before “ Dakar “ again there were enough statements from racers of other commands - Tatra, MAN - about that the epoch of absolute hegemony of the Russian trucks in Africa has come to an end. And again during race it was found out that before its termination it is still very far and on speed, reliability, on technical maintenance chelninskaja a command on - former it is far ahead of all the others. On it “ Dakar “ she began to test - from Hans Stejsi`s party MAN - a competition only more close to finish. And that only because the head “ KamAZ - the master “ Simeon Yakubov going in crew of Chagina by the navigator (the mechanic was, as usual, Sergey Savostin), has made decision not to risk for the sake of victories at separate stages. Before eyes there was an example of other crew - Firdausa Kabirova, from - for insulting breakages of lost second place.
winners in two other categories are made related by one circumstance: both long waited for the turn on dakarovsky triumph. When Ljuk Alfan, the champion and the owner of a World Cup in mountain skiing, the outstanding master of downhill racing, in the end of 90 - h has decided to test in the rally, many have counted it as a usual whim of a celebrity adoring risk. Many have been assured that Alfanu, let it has got to the best team of the world of Mitsubishi, never to outstrip professionals.
but he eventually has achieved the. Has achieved, battling to the best among rallijnyh professionals - the partner on command Stefanom Peteranselem. alfanu has, of course, carried: Confidently in the lead Peteransel on 12 - m spetsuchastke ran into a tree and has lost three hours but that to it has carried, Alfan has made much.
Mark Koma too long time was in a shade of superstars. Such, as Rishar Sajnkt which have broken to death in 2004 in Egypt, and Fabritsio Meoni which were lost on last year`s “ Dakar “. There was Siril Despre, but having fallen to one of spetsuchastkov and having damaged a clavicle, it has opened to the Clod road to a title. Probably, too, as well as a title to Alfana more likely deserved, than extracted thanks to exclusive to coincidence of circumstances.