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Prince Ratizara have left under guards

Yesterday in Krasnodar have passed preliminary hearings on Peter Sarafanova`s criminal case - one of active workers of Krasnodar territory operating in territory pravoradikalnogo movements It is glad the Earth Kuban and the Black Sea Cossack Army of Taurida Scythian . It is accused of arbitrariness and kindling international break a set. According to the investigation, mister Sarafanov was engaged in distribution of the literature of the chauvinistic maintenance and youth recruitment to numbers natsional - radicals. At the first session by court the decision to leave Peter Sarafanova under guards during judicial hearings was accepted.
during yesterday`s session the defendant did not declare any petitions, and the Office of Public Prosecutor has asked to leave it under guards, as has been made. Judge Vasily Mahov has informed that the defendant has not made upon it impression of the unhealthy or unbalanced person. Sundresses quite sensibly states the belief, - mister Mahov confirms. - the question on appointment of psychiatric examination during the investigation, during judicial hearings did not arise .

not Registered organisation It is glad the Earth Kuban and the Black Sea Cossack Army of Taurida Scythian is regional branch of the Russian nationalist organisation Spiritually - Patrimonial Power Russia with the centre in Electrostal situated near Moscow which declares the purpose a reconstruction Powers Russias as subject of the Russian Federation. Cells Are glad the Earth Kuban exist in a number of cities and villages of Krasnodar territory since 2001. In July, 2004 active workers of the organisation took part in procession of the protest against visit to Novorossisk three ships of the NATO. The head Are glad the Earth Kuban Peter Sarafanov calls itself the general - major Ratizar Athanasius Knjazja Sarafanova`s son . Law enforcement bodies have become interested in activity Are glad the Earth Kuban and the Black Sea Cossack Army of Taurida Scythian in connection with the conflict between city administration and the charitable organisation Hope on which head mister Sarafanov is registered. The organisation Hope which under documents was engaged in rendering of the psychological help and rendered services of tutors, has leased at municipal authorities a premise in city centre, and then in connection with long-term debts on a rent under the decision of regional arbitration court should release a building. The court enforcement officers who have was for execution of the decision on eviction, have paid attention to a large quantity of leaflets stored in office and books of the nationalist maintenance, and also the images of a swastika stuck on walls. On August, 3rd, 2005 the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central district of Krasnodar concerning Peter Sarafanova had been brought criminal case under several articles UK, including item 330 ( Arbitrariness ) and item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Excitation national, racial or religious hostility ) . In particular, mister Sarafanov is accused of autocratic capture of a premise and manufacturing on the computer technics of letters to heads of public authorities of Krasnodar and Krasnodar territory for the purpose of hatred and enmity excitation between people to accessory signs to certain social group.

as the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central district of a city of Krasnodar Pavel Vorobev has told , was during the investigation found out that It is glad the Earth Kuban and the Black Sea Cossack Army of Taurida Scythian was engaged in distribution of newspapers Arkaim and Cadet Ratich published by the organisation Power Russia and also actively hired supporters. Originally the preventive punishment concerning mister Sarafanova had been selected a subscription about nevyezde, however after the next mailing natsional - radicals by the court decision accused has been taken into custody.

- Activity of it officially anywhere not registered association we regard, as directed on violent change of the constitutional system of Russia, - the inspector has informed. - they declared themselves the separate subject of Federation, on leaflets Peter Sarafanov without ceremony placed a swastika. Texts of these references were based on idea of the national superiority about what linguists of the expert centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar territory have drawn the conclusion.

as addressees for leaflets of Sundresses has chosen administrative agencies, police stations and Offices of Public Prosecutor. In messages he warned in advance that to those who will refuse to recruit ranks Powers Russias the relation will be severe - under wartime laws.

Peter Sarafanova`s legal investigation is appointed to January, 23rd. The maximum punishment which threatens the defendant - two years of imprisonment.

Anton SMERTIN, Anna PEROV, Krasnodar