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Hunters have shot insulators

Yesterday in the Volgograd region there was a large power failure in which result without an electricity there were inhabitants of seven settlements in two areas of region. The unknown persons who have fired from the hunting guns insulators of a high-voltage transmission line have appeared originators. Upon failure criminal case - if " is brought; hunters behind insulators will be found, to them threatens till five years of imprisonment. Yesterday the head a press - Open Society services Volgogradenergo Valery Taranov has informed on the large power failure which have occurred in region in the night from Sunday to Monday. As a result of switching-off of a line of a high-voltage electricity transmission (110 kv) at half past three a.m. there was broken a power supply of seven settlements of Bykovsky and Lenin area areas. Without an electricity remained more than 1,7 thousand consumers, including 15 schools and 5 boiler-houses. According to mister Taranova, a cause of accident of a steel of action of the malefactors who have shot garlands of insulators on several support LEP in Bykovsky area, feeding five substations. In Volgogradenergo have assumed, shooting planned to steal electricity cables.
yesterday upon an event Bykovsky`s public prosecutor of area Michael Lomakin has filed criminal charges on st 215. 2 ch. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( Reduction in worthlessness of objects of life-support ) Providing as the maximum punishment imprisonment for the term up to five years. According to public prosecutor Lomakin, now on a scene the investigatory brigade which, according to the public prosecutor, considers two basic versions of an event works. it could be and thieves of nonferrous metals, - mister Lomakin has agreed with the assumption energetikov, - as it is possible to remove from such high-voltage lines of a wire, only otstreliv insulators . However he considers as more probable explanation of an event hooligan actions of hunters. In favour of this version, according to the district public prosecutor, tell the sleeves found on a scene from the hunting guns 12 - go calibre, banks from - under beer and vodka bottles. quite probably that hunters drove hares, have killed nobody and have decided to do some shooting on other purposes: on bottles and insulators - the public prosecutor has assumed.
as have informed in Volgogradenergo Three operative repair brigades to which had to use a special equipment yesterday worked on failure elimination: two hydrolifts and a telescopic tower. According to Valery Taranova, first of all efforts have been directed on restoration of work of boiler-houses, not to admit irreparable consequences in the conditions of an expected cold snap . To 16. 00 power supply of seven suffered settlements has been completely restored.