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Astrakhan have closed credits

the Astrakhan management of federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has forbidden the mayoralties of Astrakhan to carry out crediting of the municipal budget without carrying out of competition among banks. Head UFAS yesterday has informed on it across the Astrakhan region Nikolay Maslov. As an occasion to this decision credit contracts on 130 million roubles concluded by municipality with " have served; Volgo - the Caspian joint-stock bank and vneshtorgbank - Retail services . Lawyers of the mayoralty, referring to the Budgetary code in which necessity of carrying out of similar competitions does not make a reservation, intend to challenge the decision of antimonopoly service in arbitration. As the basis for the decision antimonopolshchikov the contracts concluded by municipality with " have served; Volgo - the Caspian joint-stock bank and vneshtorgbank - Retail services a total sum of credits on which, by data for November, 2005 (when check was spent. - ), has made 130 million roubles. Payment under these contracts should be carried out this year. Meanwhile, according to UFAS, actually for today credit obligations of the mayoralty to banks reach already more than 500 million roubles. In opinion antimonopolshchikov, actions goradministratsii, occupied means without carrying out of open competition among bank structures, break item 13 and 14 federal laws 117 About competition protection in the market of financial services . Actually, signing contracts, the mayor has arrived authoritatively! - Irina Lavrenteva has declared yesterday zamrukovoditelja Astrakhan UFAS. - since 2001 (when the law has come into force. - ) the municipality is obliged to hold credit competitions among banks, and the competitive documentation to submit on the coordination to antimonopoly service .
Economists goradministratsii have agreed with legitimacy of claims antimonopolshchikov, but have thus referred to often arising necessity of immediate attraction of means. when it is necessary to find in a case urgently money for the salary, other exit, except the fast bank credit while simply is not present - on competition carrying out couple of months " is necessary; - Artem Bazhan has explained zammera on economy. Thus mister Bazhan has noticed that the city authorities plan to solve further a problem of a fast loan by means of the bonded loan which release is planned already for the first quarter 2006. In the mayoralty count that in the long term Astrakhan will come to practice more advanced Russian cities when the loan is registered in the Ministry of Finance, and then release of bonds is made as required. as a rule, reception of money occurs already through an hour and a half after hit of municipal bonds on the market - Artem Bazhan has noted.
however in legal management of the Astrakhan mayoralty on - visible do not build so long-term plans and intend to defend the right of the city authorities to free attraction of credits. Thus the chief jurupravlenija Andrey Semenov has referred to the Budgetary code in which carrying out of competition for search of the creditor does not make a reservation. in it (in the Budgetary code. - ) it is supposed division of purchases for municipal needs and contract works when it is necessary to spend means of the city budget with the credit reception, which in itself is made on bank money, - mister Semenov has explained. - not to hold then competition among those who wants that to it have returned own money! . The chief jurupravlenija the Astrakhan mayoralty has informed that as soon as the text of decision UFAS will be received by municipality, it will be protested in arbitration court.