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Systems of remittances have created trade union

Yesterday the International association of systems of remittances into which the largest translators of the world have entered has informed on the beginning of the work. One of its main purposes proclaims struggle against washing up. Its president Juniastrumbanka Gagik Zakarjan selected the head of association will conduct.
yesterday the International association of systems of remittances (The International Association of Money Transfer Networks, IAMTN) has extended a press - release about the beginning of the work. The decision on its creation was accepted on passed in October of last year in London the international conference Global consumer remittances . In IAMTN such known systems of remittances, as Western Union, Travelex, City Forex, Earthport, EuroGiro, Chequepoint and Unistream, and also UK Money Transmitters Association (Association of remittances of Great Britain) have entered. Besides, a number of big banks, in particular, Standard and Chartered Bank, Bank of China, Baltic International Bank and ICICI Bank of India became its members.

Among association problems in a press - release is called increase of value of the global market of remittances, maintenance of its further dynamical development and joint counteraction to washing up of means . Thus from large players of the market of remittances its structure did not include only system MoneyGram which could not comment on this fact yesterday.

it is interesting that for the first time so the representative assembly of financial institutions was headed by the Russian banker. Gagik Zakarjan, by which words, " became chairman IAMTN; today has, more than ever, ripened necessity to unite to all participants of the market of remittances . Only in the conditions of teamwork and an exchange of experience we can learn is better our client, its requirement and preference and, hence, to develop further - he considers. Olga Mejtland, and the honourable president - the former Minister of Finance of Great Britain lord Norman Lamont became the general director of association about a staff - apartment in London.

In Russia creation of association of translators have concerned ambiguously. According to the deputy director of department of trading financing and interbank communications of Impeksbank (system of transfers Fast mail ) Alexey Abramejtseva, today such association of systems of transfers is necessary . She will allow participants to exchange opinions and to formulate problems at work with market regulators. Confuses only that, except Unistream, there there is no Russian system of transfers " more; - he has declared. offers to enter in IAMTN we yet did not receive. Our participation in this association depends on that, than she will be particularly engaged, from its purposes and prospects - the director of department of development of system of transfers " speaks; Anelik Marina Kocharyan. And according to chairman of the board Russlavabanka (system of transfers Contact) Nikolay Gusman, as a rule, the similar organisations appear when in them there is an obvious requirement of participants of the market, and at us such requirement is not present .

However, according to madam Mejtland, the association intends to develop relations with maximum a wide range of systems of remittances. we yet did not suggest other Russian systems to enter our association, but in the nearest future, certainly, we will come into contact both with Russian, and with other systems of the CIS countries - she has declared.