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Russia has pumped over 2005 on pipes

Yesterday GP TSDU the thermal power station which are engaged in information support of Minpromenergo, has published the official data about the Russian oil export in 2005. Despite confirming preliminary forecasts MERTa about the general reduction of export of oil from Russia, separate articles of export have grown very considerably, first of all oil transport in the far abroad on system Transneft . And decrease in the general indicators Russia is obliged by reduction on third of deliveries of oil to Ukraine.
According to definitive calculations of Ministry of Fuel and Energy, the Russian oil export in 2005 has made in 2005 251,5 million tons, having decreased for a year more than on 1 %. Nevertheless export to the far abroad countries (for limits of the CIS and Baltic) on system Transneft has increased for a year by 10,5 % - to 194,233 million tons. Only in December Transneft has pumped over in the far abroad of 17,237 million tons of the Russian oil.

Thus through port Novorossisk on system Transneft for 2005 it has been shipped (including transit oil) 48,685 million tons (from them in December - 4,097 million tons), through Primorsk - 57,384 million tons (5,219 million tons), through Tuapse - 4,903 million tons (in December of 381,7 thousand tons), Odessa - 6,925 million tons (in December - 433,3 thousand tons), Butinge - 6,214 million tons (693,8 thousand tons), MNT Southern - 5,745 million tons (530,1 thousand tons). The role of transport of oil on system of pipelines across Ukraine continues to fall gradually: Russia prefers to pump over oil through two largest ports, focused on Rotterdam and the south of Italy.

at oil prorolling in the far abroad countries through system Transneft the companies " have especially caused a stir; the multinational corporation - VR Holding which has put for a year of 37,817 million (from them in December - 3,5 million tons), Rosneft Which for a year has put 34,422 million tons (from them in December of 3,353 million tons), and LUKOIL - for a year of 34,42 million tons (3,376 million in December). Thus, the ultrahigh world prices for oil all - taki have affected volumes of export of the Russian companies. Not casually MERT now predicts that after last year`s recession in this year petroexport will renew the growth. It, under forecasts MERTa, can increase by 4,5 %. Certainly, it looks weak result after shown in 2004 113,1 %, but, apparently, image of the country with falling petroexport will manage to be overcome quickly.

Besides, from the data published yesterday becomes clear that, actually, first of all has caused the general decrease in export in 2005. In the near abroad countries the Russian manufacturers have put only 37,129 million tons of oil against 40,276 million tons in 2004 (export decrease on 8 %). However, oil deliveries have increased by 9 % to Belarus - to 18,816 million tons, but at once on 27 % export has fallen to Ukraine which has made only 14,59 million tons.

however as has found out, matter is not in a cold snap Russian - the Ukrainian relations in the field of TEKa and not in decrease in volume of solvent demand for oil in Ukraine in connection with its rise in price. Just last year the Ukrainian authorities liberalised import of oil products, and at once three Ukrainian NPZ have risen on repair, therefore the Russian oil any more did not buy. Ukraine has partially replaced import of crude oil with import of oil products. We will notice that growth of demand for oil products from Ukraine can be the additional factor for a rise in prices for them in Russia.