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The retired law of the United States

the Head of senatorial committee of the legislation of Arlen Spektor has declared yesterday that US president George Bush is threatened with impeachment. This procedure can be initiated, if at February hearings in the senate is proved that George Bush has broken the law, having allowed to listen to special services to telephone conversations of Americans without the court sanction. That against the president one of the most influential republicans has acted, means that the party in power has already begun preparation for presidential election of 2008. George Bush`s members of the same party try otkrestitsja from the president losing popularity and to lower chances of its protege of the state secretary of Condoleeza Rice.
republicans for impeachment
the Program this week shown on air of TV channel AVS past Sunday in the evening, became the loudest political event in the USA in the come year. Arlen Spektor, the republican and the head of senatorial committee of the legislation was the visitor of studio. The scandal which has burst in December round George Bush`s resolving listening of telephone conversations of Americans order became the basic theme of discussion. Senator Spektor has declared that already in the beginning of February it and its colleagues will carry out hearings to establish, whether the law has been broken at introduction prowhispers. The leader has taken an interest, what can be consequences of hearings. Mister Spektor as if waited for this question. possible means of a way out - impeachment. Only after impeachment we can file criminal charges (against the president. - ). It is a principle of our society - it is necessary to pay for all the political price .

Moreover, the senator has clearly let know that itself considers the presidential decision illegal. The matter is that according to the certificate about prospecting activity of 1978 listening of telephone conversations without the court sanction can be carried out only within 48 hours - in this time special services should receive the warrant. However soon after acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001 the president George Bush has decided that this law has become outdated, and has personally disposed, that special services carried out to a prowhisper, without informing judicial bodies. Now the White house tries to prove that the head of the state had on this right as right after acts of terrorism the congress has accepted the resolution allowing the president to use all necessary measures for fight against terrorism . Nevertheless senator Spektor is assured that the congress resolution did not allow the president to cancel the law on prospecting activity. if the administration thought that the congress resolution unties to it hands, she was mistaken. I intend to listen to all their arguments with the maximum scepticism - the head of committee of the legislation has declared.

we will notice that Arlen Spektor not the first republican, podvergshy to the critic the White house for the system entered by it prowhispers. One month ago senator Sam Braunbek has declared the disagreement with a legal substantiation of actions of the president.

similar unanimity means that hearings on this question in senatorial committee will be the extremely unpleasant for the White house - till now any senator has not supported action of the president, all its former supporters one after another oppose. By itself, criticise the president and democrats. I do not believe that emergency powers of the president can allow to break to it the law - has declared the influential committee-man under the legislation democrat Dajana Fajnstajn.

All the committee on the legislation includes ten republicans and eight democrats. It means that already now at least ten senators, including the chairman of committee, against the president and only eight - for.

the Head of senatorial committee of the legislation became the first visible American politician who has openly declared possibility of presidential impeachment. It, truth, has made a reservation what now still early to build forecasts and it is necessary to wait the beginnings of February hearings. Nevertheless the theme of impeachment from an easy hand of senator Spektora instantly became one of the main things in the American mass-media.

authoritative sociological service Zogby has interviewed, as Americans concern possibility of the beginning of procedure of impeachment of George Bush. 52 % interrogated have expressed positively, 43 % have rejected possibility of the beginning of this procedure. As democrats have noticed, now George Bush`s impeachment supports much more bolshy population percent, than in due time supported Bill Clinton impeachment. So, in the summer of 1998, at the height of scandal with Monikoj Levinski, only 36 % supported hearings on impeachment in the congress.

veterans against Condoleeza Rice
Performance of senator Spektora against the president - any more the first example of how to attack against the White house there are prominent representatives of Republican Party. The business initiated by senator John McCain about secret prisons of CIA in which contained suspected of terrorism was not less loud scandal. Mister McCain, itself in the past exposed to tortures in Vietnamese to a captivity, has headed campaign for struggle against tortures and the special law forbidding tortures on all objects of the Pentagon, CIA or FBI even outside of the USA has forced the congress to pass.

John McCain`s active oppositional activity has suggested an idea to analysts that it has already begun preparation for election campaign of 2008. In 2000 senator McCain was George Bush`s unique competitor on inner-party prajmeriz. Now, the American experts have judged, it has seriously intended to become its successor and wants to lift the image for the account of criticism to the unpopular president.

however yesterday`s performance of Arlena Spektora says that split was outlined in Republican Party. Senators McCain and Spektor - the most influential party members, and last demarches it is impossible to consider as their personal initiative. It is obvious that party bosses are extremely disturbed by sharp falling of a rating of the president Bush and are afraid that the owner of the White house will drag behind itself downwards and all party. Autumn of this year in the USA will already select the congress so, republicans will receive chance of success, only if will try to separate from a political figure of the president as much as possible.

however, on it claims of republicans - heavyweights to George Bush are not settled. Presidential campaign in the USA begins in one and a half year so, politicians already start to estimate possible chances of success of different candidates. Abundantly clear on whom the present administration stakes: George Bush expects to make the successor of the state secretary Condoleeza Rice. The first lady of the USA Lora Bush in Sunday interview CNN has declared that very much would like see the following president madam Rice. It is remarkable that in some hours after that interviews Lora Bush and Condoleeza Rice have together gone to Liberia on inauguration of the woman first in Africa - president Ellen Johnson - Serlif (the material see p. 10).

At the state secretary while the quite good rating, however its promotion not too suit politicians - heavyweights from Republican Party. Senator John McCain and its eminent colleagues wait the turn on presidency any more one ten years, therefore that George Bush, using an administrative resource should revolt them, pushes in the White house the stavlennitsu. As Condoleeza Rice is reputed as George Bush`s faithful companion and in case of its election the command in the White house will not exchange - and George Bush`s device does not cause in republican establishment of special trust.

thus, influential republicans should solve very much a challenge - to lift own rating, having pushed aside thus people of the president and first of all Condoleeza Rice. This internal struggle in parties of elephants it can appear on a hand to democrats. As their favourite, Hillari Clinton, yet has no obvious contenders.