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the Solo concert of ensemble of medieval music Laterna Magica in the State academic chapel has presented to a copy musical monuments of the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance in live sounding. The concert aaplet promised sounding of authentic tools historically authentic perusal of old texts style acute sense . Laterna Magica plays very convincing copies of ancient tools is a remark concerning the first promise. As to the others to confirm or deny them it is impossible. After all conversations about reliability and style in this business - an essence room sacraments of not numerous historians of music. Hudruk ensemble Olga Komok just possesses solid musicological formation: it has dug out authentic notes and keys to their decoding on the West European archives and libraries. In Laterna Magica she besides sings and plays wheel lyre and portable body.
in the Chapel before occurrence of musicians public considered strange subjects on a scene. It was possible to assume that it and is musical instruments - tar, darbukka, bodran, fidel, buzuka, al - ud, kornamuz. But to solve a way of extraction of sounds from these antediluvian mechanisms it has appeared it is impossible before the musicians dressed in strict, it is underlined stylish black uniforms, undertook tools. In the first branch they have executed English carols - Christmas church chanting XIII - XV centuries. In the second - music from Cantigas de Santa Maria - work of Spanish king Alfonso H (1221 - 1284) in which this loftily - the somewhat eccentric governor preferring the politician of a science and arts, has collected iberijskie the church chanting narrating about miracles of Maiden Maria. In chapel Laterna Magica has managed to hypnotise literally a hall slowly current, meditative stream of harmony. Olga Komok and Ekaterina Bonfeld`s angelic voices captivated the open and pure sound, without the slightest airs. Some naivety of this musical language on - to the bewitched, responded any on - children`s touching empathy.
In a word, except muzeefitsirovannoj time atmospheres which usually try to recreate all rekonstruktory forgotten epoch, musicians have offered public live and interesting music of the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
in general - that the madam the Lump and itself recognises that the tradition of execution kantig is non-recoverable in all its completeness and historical reliability paternal each ensemble on - to the interprets these odnogolosnye church chanting . As to the concert ending mentor claims by a part authenticities a performing manner have disappeared. Eventually music - the effective remedy for a while to forget about history.